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Board of Education - Commissioners

The mission of the Clifton School District, in an open and reciprocal community partnership, is to provide all students with a quality education to develop the skills necessary to become literate, life-long learners who are responsible and productive citizens contributing to a democratic society in an ever-changing world.


  • Lucy Danny, President |
  • Judith A. Bassford, Vice President |
  • Fahim K. Abedrabbo |
  • Dana Beltran |
  • Joe Canova |
  • James Daley |
  • Frank W. Kasper |
  • Gary Passenti |
  • Jim Smith |

 Committee Appointments

Education / Special Education Technology
Frank Kasper (C)
Joe Canova
Fahim Abedrabbo
Joe Canova (C)
Frank Kasper
Judith Bassford
Facilities / Athletics Legislative
Gary Passenti (C)
Dana Beltran
James Daley
Fahim Abedrabbo (C)
Judith Bassford
James Daley
Finance / Negotiations Policy
James Daley (C)
Gary Passenti
Dana Beltran
Judith Bassford (C)
Frank Kasper
Jim Smith
Municipal Alliance Residency
Lucy Danny (C)
Fahim Abedrabbo
Gary Passenti
Jim Smith
Dana Beltran (C)
Joe Canova
Jim Sm ith
Student Judicary HASA Liason
Judith Bassford
Frank Kasper
Fahim Abedrabbo
Judith Bassford
Delegate / Alternate  
Dana Beltran - County (State Alternate)
Frank Kasper - State (County Alternate)
** The Committees with three members will be attended by the President or Vice President or their designee **
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The Clifton Board of Education firmly believes that it is the inherent right of every child enrolled in the public schools to receive a sound education rooted in equal opportunity and delivered in an environment which ensures physical and mental security. In today's pluralistic technological society, our first and foremost task is to instruct students in the democratic principles found within the ethical framework of the Constitutions of the United States and the State of New Jersey.

The Clifton Board of Education recognizes the importance of promoting early literacy as a foundation for academic success. Through its instructional program and co- and extra-curricular experiences, students will become independent thinkers, good decision makers, and self-supporting, productive citizens.

The Clifton Board of Education promulgates the following outcome goals:
  • To provide students with the skills essential to obtaining information, thinking critically, solving problems, and communicating effectively.
  • To create an atmosphere which encourages students to obtain knowledge and to develop the life skills necessary to enter the work force and/or pursue higher education.
  • To furnish students with knowledge of current and changing technologies across the curriculum.
  • To encourage the school community to become responsible contributors to the decision-making process.
  • To develop an appreciation for the creative process through problem solving and technology.
  • To foster understanding, sensitivity, and respect regarding all cultures.
  • To impart knowledge, practices, and perspectives that promote personal and global health and safety.
  • To nurture an appreciation for the fine, applied, and performing arts.

To attain these goals, the Clifton Board of Education shall provide meaningful instruction and an environment conducive to learning, an opportunity for community input, and a professional staff of the highest quality.