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HIB - Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying

As per the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (ABR) (P.L.2010, c.122), Clifton Public Schools
has posted its Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act grades to the district's HIB webpage, and to each individual school's HIB webpage.  Click here to view a copy | Clifton Public Schools' HIB Policy

School District Self Assessment Report for HIB - School year 2015-2016
While completing the HIB Self-Assessment, we learned that our school district has demonstrated strengths in these areas: training staff on preventing HIBs on the basis of protected categories and establishing school safety teams that meet to maintain  a positive school climate.
District - Self-Assessment HIB Grade - 69 points out of 78

What to do if your child is being Harassed, Intimidated or Bullied:

- If you feel your child (or any child) is in immediate danger, contact the police. Otherwise,
- In grades K-5, contact your school principal.
- In grades 6-12, contact your counselor, principal, or vice principal.

District Anti-Bullying Specialist:
Mark Gengaro,
745 Clifton Ave. 973-470-2291
Elementary Schools Anti-Bullying Specialists

School 1
Theresa Evans, Principal
158 Park Slope, 973-470-2370

School 2
Jennifer Lucas, Principal
1270 Van Houten Avenue, 973-470-2380
School 3
Linette Park, Principal
365 Washington Avenue, 973-470-2390
School 4
Joelle Rosetti, Principal
194 West Second Street, 973-470-2382
School 5
Steven Anderson, Principal
136 Valley Road, 973-470-2386
School 8
Nancy Latzoni, Principal
41 Oak Street, 973-470-2393
School 9
Bracken Healy, Principal
25 Brighton Road, 973-470-2396
School 11
Luca Puzzo, Principal
147 Merselis Avenue, 973-470-2402
School 12
Rosmunda Kenning
165 Clifton Avenue,973-470-2404
School 12 Annex
, Assistant Principal
225 Ackerman Avenue, 973-594-4190
School 13
Rachel Capizzi, Principal
782 Van Houten Ave., 973-470-2410
School 14
Jason Habedank, Principal
99 St. Andrews Blvd., 973-470-2411
School 15
Luginda Batten-Walker, Ed.D., Principal
700 Gregory Avenue, 973-470-2418
School Sixteen
Joanna Juarbe, Principal
755 Grove Street, 973-470-2420
School 17
Laura Zagorski, Principal
361 Lexington Avenue, 973-458-6017
Middle Schools Anti-Bullying Specialists
Christopher Columbus Middle School
Andrew Jaeger, Vice Principal
350 Piaget Avenue, 973-591-6827
Woodrow Wilson Middle School
Joseph Mankin, Vice Principal
1400 Van Houten Avenue, 973-470-2604
High School Anti-Bullying Specialists
Clifton High School School
Ahmad Hamdeh, Vice Principal, South Wing
333 Colfax Avenue, 973-470-2296
Clifton High School School
Susan Schnepf, Vice Principal, East Wing
333 Colfax Avenue, 973-591-2869
Clifton High School School
Victoria Rogers, Vice Principal, Central Wing
333 Colfax Avenue, 973-470-2337
Clifton High School School
Luis Ros, Vice Principal, Main Office
333 Colfax Avenue, 973-470-2312
Clifton High School School
Peter Cumba Vice Principal, North Wing
333 Colfax Avenue, 973-470-2320


Anti-Bullying Resources

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