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*Baseball – 3/4/2016, WWMS (1400 Van Houten Ave), 2:45pm
*Freshman Baseball- 3/4/2016, CCMS (350 Piaget Ave), 2:45pm
Check postings in lower gym hallway for times and changes due to weather
*Boys Volleyball- 3/4/2016, Lower Gym CHS, 2:30pm
*Boys Lacrosse- 3/4/2016, Clifton High School, 2:30pm
*Girls Lacrosse- 3/4/2016, Athenia Steel Field (718 Clifton Ave), 2:45pm
*Softball- 3/4/2016, Sterling Field (295 Speer Ave), 3:00pm
^Boys and Girls Track- 3/4/2016 Clifton School Stadium (350 Piaget Ave), 2:45pm
Golf- 3/4/2016, meet near the trophy case at Clifton High School, 3:00pm
Boys Tennis- 3/4/2016, Clifton High School, 3:00pm
* Denotes sports that require concussion test to try out.
^Concussion test required for Pole Vaulters and High Jumpers only
Schedules are subject to change if inclement weather doesn’t permit outdoor try-outs.


Attention Student Athletes: District offered pre-participation sports physical appointments are now available for the spring sport season.  If you are in need of a district offered pre-participation sports physical please see the athletic trainers or have your parents call 973-470-2524 to schedule an appointment.
ATTENTION: Changes to the District Offered Pre-Participation Physicals: PLEASE READ:
Sports physicals must be submitted no later than February 15th to be eligible for spring sport participation!
(Spring Sports Include: Girls & Boys Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Boys Tennis, Girls and Boys Outdoor Track, Boys Volleyball, and Golf)
All those wishing to try out for the following spring sports must complete a baseline CONCUSSION TEST: B/G Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball and B/G Track (Pole Vaulters and High Jumpers only)
Please see the athletic trainers to schedule your test.  Please note only those that have submitted a completed physical from and concussion consent form will be eligible to sit for the baseline test. Please also know that if you've already taken the baseline test for another sport you do NOT need to take it again!
Concussion Testing will take place on the following dates; see athletic trainers to sign up for a date!
 Friday February 19th and Friday February 26th at 2:30 in the Media Center



Mustang Pride

Congratulations to the Boys Bowling Team for winning the North 1B Group 4 Sectional Championship.

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