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Clifton has partnered with STAFFS Prep to provide SAT/ACT Prep to our students. STAFFS Prep will be holding a SAT + ACT Prep class starting July 5th at Clifton High School. The course will be a total of 18 hours and will cover all the fundamentals and strategies for both tests: SAT and ACT. Students will also be able to take mock tests and learn which test is best for them. 
The course is being offered at a special price of $250 for all our students.
Please visit www.staffsprep.com/register to view the schedule and register for the class. 
Feel free to reach out to STAFFS Prep directly at 
contact@staffsprep.com if you have any questions. 

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Clifton High School Anti-Bullying Specialists:
Patricia DeLotto, Vice Principal – Main Office
Luis Ros - Vice Principal – North Wing
Michael Doktor, Vice Principal – Central Wing
Peter Cumba, Vice Principal – South Wing
Laura Zagorski - Vice Principal – East Wing