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The term “Web 2.0” relates to emerging technologies that focus on free distribution of information and collaboration such as file-sharing sites, blogs, and wikis. These web-based applications make the user more of an interactive collaborator involved in the creation of information rather than a passive viewer of data.
The following 21st Century tools may be beneficial for your research needs.

Library 2.0 Resources

star Philosophies, literature, language, ideas, critisicm, culture, history, art
star link
ERIC Online digital library of education research and information
bullet Graphing Calculator
bullet Instacalc Fast easy, shareable web calculator
star Librarything Social networking community for book lovers
star LibriVox Free Public Domain Audio Books
star NCES Create a Graph Easy-to-Use graph generator Thousands of world newspapers at your fingertips
star Fact Checker for the internet
star WolframAlpha Computational Knowledge Engine

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