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CHS SAT Prep Course

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December 1, 2013

Dear Parents and Guardians:

If your child is a junior or senior, now is the time to take the SAT. Furthermore, if your child is a freshman or a sophomore enrolled in an Honors Program, you may want to consider having him or her take the SAT as well.

Our teachers are enthusiastic and motivated to ease the anxiety that your child may feel about taking the SAT’s and are ready to improve your child’s SAT scores. The teachers will instruct tips, techniques, and strategies, along with specific SAT content needed in order for your child to improve their content knowledge and test taking skills on the SAT. To continue, our instructors are directing students on how to obtain “SAT apps” for your computer devices. Many apps are free. With this addition, along with computer DVD’s supplied in their text books; your child will be able to overcome any fears he or she might have about the SAT.

As many of you know, colleges use the SAT scores as one of several criteria for admission. Other commercial enterprises offer SAT Prep Courses at higher prices in the range of $600 to $1200. Furthermore, trying to get individual tutoring for your child can be very expensive. We here at Clifton, think a course with the same quality can be offered at a lower, more affordable price of $295. A price that is very hard to beat.

The courses will target SAT I test dates on March 8th and May 3rd, 2014. We offer two sets of courses on either weekday evenings or Saturdays. Please fill out the registration form and send it in as soon as you can.

We welcome your feedback on the effectiveness as well as availability of these SAT Prep Courses. You may be able to reach me at 973-470-2310 or through e-mail at sspota@cliftonschools.net. Thank you for your interest in furthering the quality of the educational programs at Clifton High School.

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Steven Spota
SAT Prep Supervisor

| S.A.T. Prep Course Registration Form |