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From the desk of M.Vickie Beck, Supervisor of Nurses

Cold Vs. Flu Information - 11.27.17
Thank you Kelly Bartz for leading us in another wonderful afternoon of painting turkeys.  We are very thankful Mrs. Bartz gives up her free time to guide us from blank canvases to beautiful paintings :) Here are a few pictures from our afternoon on Friday, November 17th.
Congratulations to all the soccer players who participated in our very first Unified Soccer Game on Saturday, November 4th. All the athletes exhibited excellent sportsmanship, teamwork and the love for the game.  This game gave sibling with and without disabilities the opportunity to play soccer on the same team for the very first time and watching them work together was a beautiful sight.   Many thanks to all the coaches; Ms. Stefanie Cramer, Dave Shimabukuro, Steel Leon, and Gina Vigganio.  A huge shot out to Gina Vigganio who volunteered to referee the game for us! Thank you to Ms. Andersen for arranging for her intramural soccer players to participate after the Paramus team back out at the very last minute; she was a life saver. Thank you to Ms. Sherylee Caramucci and her Dance Team for performing during our opening ceremonies.  A special thank you to all the parents and Fans in the Stands for coming out to support us on a very cold Saturday morning. 
The NY Giants share a fun day with Woodrow Wilson Middle School Special Olympians. On Monday, October 2, our students were invited to visit the NFL Giants football team at Met Stadium. Our special olympians enjoyed a fun filled practice and lunch with the Giant team members. Thank you to Carla Rodriguez our Special Olympics Coordinator, Sue Colacello, NJ Director of School and Community Partnerships and the Giants for making this day possible.  WATCH VIDEO OF THE EVENT HERE!
Attention Parents & Guardians!!
Woodrow Wilson Middle School has adopted a school in Florida that was greatly impacted by Hurricane Irma.   Pinecrest Elementary School is located in the small agricultural town of Immokalee, Fl. The impact of this hurricane has left them with virtually nothing. They are in desperate need of school supplies, as well as everyday necessities.   Please help us in our efforts to raise funds to provide Pinecrest Elementary School with the support and supplies that they need at this difficult time. Any amount of money, no matter how large or small, is greatly appreciated.   Please have your child bring their monetary donations to their homeroom teacher in a sealed envelope. Checks can be made payable to Woodrow Wilson Middle School.   Thank you in advance for helping our amazing Woodrow family give back to a school in need.   As always, Mustangs A.R.E. all in!!
WWMS Track
Woodrow Wilson Track team is a positive experience that allows each athlete the opportunity to reach his or her full potential by developing:
· athletic speed and endurance
· developing high self-esteem
· endurance
· goal setting
· goal achievement
· personal accountability
· strength
· self-discipline
· sportsmanship
Intramural track is open to all athletes in grades 6 through 8.  It lasts six weeks and is meant to introduce non-runners to the sport and to help previous members improve their times.  Each practice serves as a tryout for Interscholastic track.  You must participate in Intramural track in order to be selected to the Interscholastic team.
The purpose of Interscholastic track is to develop athletes for sprinting and long-distance competitions between other area middle schools. The season culminates with an annual Invitational meet against 10 to 14 local middle schools.
Grade 6:
Nicol Team: https://sites.google.com/cliftonschools.net/nicolteam/home
Andreasen Team: https://sites.google.com/cliftonschools.net/andreasenteam
Bigica Team: http://mrbigica.com/
Giordano Team: ​https://sites.google.com/a/cliftonschools.net/mr-giordano/home
Grade 7:
Fucetola Team: https://sites.google.com/cliftonschools.net/fucetolateam/home
Nieves Team: https://sites.google.com/a/cliftonschools.net/nieves-team/
Wilson Team: https://sites.google.com/cliftonschools.net/wilsonteam/home
Galanti Team: https://sites.google.com/cliftonschools.net/galantiteam/home
Grade 8:
Hahn Team: https://sites.google.com/cliftonschools.net/hahnteam/home
Armando Team: https://sites.google.com/a/cliftonschools.net/mrs-dehaas/armando-team
Wacha Team: https://sites.google.com/cliftonschools.net/wachateam/home
Sheridan Team: https://sites.google.com/cliftonschools.net/sheridanteam/home
Mustangs A.R.E. All In!

To keep up with the times, Woodrow Wilson Middle School wants to futher digitize itself with digital message boards. These message boards will communicate key information to students and staff and will be placed in high traffic areas such as the main foyer and cafeteria. Please support WWMS Digital Message Boards by making a donation and helping spread the word!!

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