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Positive Solutions for Families

Positive Solutions for Families is a series designed to help families promote their young child's social and emotional development and to better understand young children's challenging behaviors. Families will learn how to use positive approaches to improve their interactions with their child; help children learn appropriate behavior; and to build their child's confidence and self-esteem. Thereby, preparing children for successful early learning experiences.

  • Session 1 - Making a Connection!
    Focus: Building relationships, quality time, positive comments and encouragement
  • Session 2 - Making it Happen!
    Focus: Play as a powerful parenting practice, friendship skills, encouraging positive behavior
  • Session 3 - Why Do Children Do What They Do?
    Focus: Determining the meaning of behavior, making expectations clear, developing and teaching household rules
  • Session 4 - Teach Me What to Do!
    Focus: Emotional vocabulary, managing anger and handling disappointment, problem solving
  • Session 5 - Facing the Challenge
    Focus: Strategies to promote positive behavior within everyday routines

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