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Welcome to the Clifton Early Learner Academy!

The Clifton Early Learner Academy encompasses all the classes that make up our Public Preschool Program. We have classrooms located at school #17, 12 Annex, Father Michael Judge Center (at school 15), and 8 Annex. We opened our doors in 2015 and are part of the Department of Education Preschool Expansion Grant.

Clifton Early Learner Academy News and AnnouncementS
Awesome Summer!
CELA Mission Statement
We believe in creating a safe environment where children are motivated and nurtured, inspired, and empowered to be lifelong learners.   Together, our goal is to create an inclusive community where everyone is accepted and respected.
CELA KindnessBecause of our school’s participation in The Great Kindness Challenge, we are honored to be acknowledged as a Kindness Certified School!  Thank you to all that supported this program. You helped make such a positive difference at our school, in our community, and in our world.  It was an AMAZING celebration of kindness!
 CELA Family Resources
CELA Family Resources provides information for the children and families of Clifton Early Learner Academy.
Early Learning Academy - Monthly  Menus
Ms. Michelle's class hatched chicks and ducks! The children had a chance to hold a baby chick, and they watched the ducks run around on the carpet.
Ducks at CELA B
Week of the Young ChildThe Week of the Young Child is an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) to spotlight early learning, young children, their teachers, families, and communities. We celebrated the week at school with different activities each day. 
CELA A was extremely proud to welcome Mr. Jason Leshowitz, Supervisor of Visual & Performing Arts, to help celebrate "Music Monday." Mr. Leshowitz read a story to the children and performed many songs for the children to listen and dance to. We greatly appreciate Mr. Leshowitz sharing his love and talent for music with us!
Music Monday Music Monday
Music Monday
Ms. Escobar's class at CELA Brighton prepared a recipe with bananas, pretzels and raisins to imitate a butterfly to celebrate "Tasty Tuesday."
Tasty Tuesday Tasty Tuesday
Ms. Escobar's class had an egg-cellent time dyeing eggs to celebrate Spring!
Dying Eggs Dying Eggs
Dying Eggs
Our CELA A children were delighted to participate in a yoga class with Ms. Kelly, a trained yoga instructor from Kidding Around Yoga. She encouraged kindness and mindfulness to increase self-esteem. The children had fun using their imagination. 
Each month preschool parents are invited to attend the Parent Cafe' for an hour meeting on an assortment of topics related to student learning, parenting support, safety, and other topics of their interest. This week our Parent Cafe' topic was focused on preparing their preschool child for kindergarten. Our guest speakers Danielle Liebi and Charlotte Flanagan (Kindergarten Instructional Coaches) came in to give a brief description of a normal kindergarten day and to answer any questions parents might have. All our families will be invited to their neighborhood elementary schools in the spring to meet their kindergarten teachers and to get introduced to their new schools. This is a very exciting time of year!
Parent Cafe
April is Autism Awareness Month! Ms. Ariemma, teachers and students put together this beautiful tree decorated with puzzle pieces to signify unity, diversity in abilities and student creativity.
Autism Awareness Tree
Mayor Anzaldi visited CELA B today and kindly read a story to the children. He then shared examples of what the Mayor of the City of Clifton does each day as a community helper.
Reading Mayor
Our wonderful custodian, Mr. Emir has created two fun snowpeople for our students to discover tomorrow morning. Can't wait to hear their expressions of glee when they see these two snow statues. Hopefully, the sun won't melt them till then. What a kind thing to do for our students! Thank you, Mr. Emir.
In Mrs. Matthew's classroom, students enjoyed learning about Dr. Seuss and creating their very own colorful socks.
Cat in the Hat Cat in the Hat
Cat in the Hat Cat in the Hat
Cat in the Hat Cat in the Hat
Cat in the HatCat in the Hat
Cat in the Hat
CELA staff and students were excited to celebrate the birthdays of one of our favorite authors of all time!  Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!
 Dr. Seuss Seuss Day'
Dr. Seuss
Miss Michele & Miss Claudia's class has been very busy with the Cat in the Hat this week. We practiced our patterning and made hats just like the Cat.
Cat in the Hat Cat in the Hat
Cat in the Hat  Cat in the Hat
Room 147 had a great time celebrating Dr. Seuss 
Cat in the Hat Cat in the HatCat in the Hat
 Cat in the HatCat in the Hat
Cat in the Hat
The Clifton Early Learner Academy Program enjoyed a Week of Kindness from January 28th to February 1st. Many acts of kindness were experienced and celebrated. Students reached out across the district to make friends in other classrooms as seen here from Ms. Dinorah's class. 
Part of the preschool’s morning routine is to have children make decisions on what they wish to do during their independent playtime. Students must first make a plan and articulate their ideas. The plan includes which area they wish to play in and what they will create while they are there. In Ms. Manal’s class at CELA A students create their plan together by sharing and drawing out their ideas.
Playtime playtime
playtime playtime
On January 31st preschool teachers gathered for professional development to look at, discuss, and review pertinent data related to student success. Using a gallery approach teachers moved from chart to chart to review curriculum data and formulate best practices to meet student needs.
 Professional Development Professional Development
 Professional Development Professional Development
Professional Development
In Ms. Marcella's preschool classroom students are very excited to engage in a science experiment.
What do you do with unused holiday wrappings, boxes, and bows? You give them to preschool students and watch real magic happen!
Wrapping paper party! Wrapping paper party!
Wrapping paper party! Wrapping paper party!
In Mrs. Mathews classroom students enjoy their reading time. It is always a great decision to sit down and enjoy a good book.
Reading Time
Ms. Alysea's class enjoyed a special visit from a community helper, a firefighter. The kids loved seeing her morph into her uniform after reading a book about why firefighters are brave. Each child also got to try on and explore parts of her uniform and tools! They were VERY surprised that their community visitor was a Firewoman! Firewoman
Firewoman Firewoman
Recently,  in Ms. Dinorah's class at School Twelve Annex, students have been learning about pumpkins. The students explored different sizes of pumpkins, they compared sizes (longer/taller/larger) and weights (heavier/lighter). The children used uni-fix cubes to measure different heights of pumpkins. They also explored the inside of a pumpkin and practiced counting 1-10 with pumpkin seeds. They also had the opportunity to visit Demarest Farms for pumpkin picking.   
  Pumpkins Pumpkins
 Pumpkins Pumpkins
October is Fire Safety Month. Thank you to the Clifton Fire Department in taking time from their busy schedule to visit the Clifton Early Learner Academy.
Fire Safety Fire Safety 
Fire Safety Fire Safety
Fire Safety
Room 5 in CELA A became superheroes last week as they donned their superhero capes and showed kindness to each other. They are all SUPER Friends!
Boys and girls in Ms. Cynthia's class and Ms. Manal's class enjoyed a beautiful day outside preparing our garden for the fall season!
Fall Garden  Fall Garden 
Fall Garden  Fall Garden 
On September 25, CELA A enjoyed its first Parent Advisory Committee meeting. Despite the rain, parents came to explore preschool curriculum items, to ask questions, and to meet other parents in our program. If you missed this event, no worries. We will have the same items available on Wednesday at School 17's cafeteria at 9:15 am and on Thursday at CELA B at 2 pm in the media center. All parents and guardians in the preschool program are invited to attend.
Parent Advisory Parent Advisory
Parent Advisory Parent Advisory
Kindness Certified
Clifton Early Learner Academy is proud to announce that they have been recognized as being Kindness Certified!

Parent / Student Traffic Safety Letter