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Welcome to School #1!

School One, located in the Middle Village section of Clifton (just beyond Christopher Columbus Middle School, the former CHS, and Clifton Schools Stadium), opened its doors in 1930. Celebrating its 80th anniversary, School One has 312 students in grades K - 5. We are proud to have served several generations of families in our school community.


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Yearbook Photos Wanted
CELAOur 4 year-old preschool program has expanded and limited seats are available! This is a free high-quality preschool program available to all Clifton residents. Please check our Federally Funded Preschool Program page for registration guidelines. We will be using a first come, first served process of assigning the open seats.

Welcome To School One

School One  - Reference and Health Office Fact Sheet

Parent / Student Traffic Safety Letter
Little Sparklers
Congratulations to our Little Sparklers who are awesome Raz Kids readers! The following students met their reading goal - Kindergarteners read 20 books and grade one students read 30. We are so proud of you!
Thumbsup emojiMarking Period 2Thumbsup emoji
* Little Sparkler marking period one
Melike Korkmaz*
Altan Batca
Gregory Vasquez*
Camilla Mora*
Gianna Arguedas
Mohammad Masri*
Safaa Louridi*
Mauricio Recinos*
Ivan Gisbert*
Aisha Korkmaz*
Matthew Lambert*
Thumbsup emojiMarking Period 1Thumbsup emoji
Rita Baroud
Rami Masadeh
Venisha Dalal
Aisha Korkmaz
Mauricio Recinos
Safaa Louridi
Kate Osis
Dariel Sanjuan
Jeffren Roja
Melike Korkmaz
Mohammad Masri
Zaire De La Cruz
Angelina Jimenez
Orlando Mendez
Sebastian Costa
Izabella Sanchez
Susana Alvarez
Shaan Mitra
Jeffren Rojas
Gregory Vasquez
Juliet Georges
Camilla Mora Torres
Wandy Cordero
Heru Correa
Ivan Gisbert
Matthew Lambert
Celeste Restrepo     
Aidan Melendez
Aliyana Brown
Angelina Inoa
Demi Gamarra
Engelin De Leon
Iman Ibrahim
Isaiah Mann
Jheremy Suero
Julien Marmolejos
Keily De La Cruz
Vihaan Patel
Thumbsup emoji Thumbsup emoji
Congratulations to School One's avid readers! The following students surpassed their individual reading goal AND maintained an 85% or better comprehension rate. We are so proud of you!
Thumbsup emoji Marking Period 2 Thumbsup emoji
*Reading Oneder marking period one
Montaser Jabbar*
Fabian De La Hoz
Cristian Herrera*
Maya Almassri*
Nathan Capili*
Princy Rana
Olivia Weglinski*
Khaled Odeh*
Daniel Feliciano*
Krestina Baroud
Jennifer Gutierrez*
Aaron Tavares*
Cecilia Arce*
Emily Awada*
Lena Batca*
Ceylin Cinar*
Mohamed Elsadig*
Adam Fahmi*
Ahmed Hajahmed*
Melody Khalil*
Geraldine Olortigue*
Sebastian Palacios*
Yimeli Duenas*
Javy De Leon*
Romeo Marmolejos*
Adriana D'Oleo
Hadeel Masadeh* 
Hadeel Masadeh*
Mohammed Yasin
Emmanuel Mina*  
Thumbsup emoji Marking Period 1 Thumbsup emoji
Lucia Gisbert
Laila Khatib
David Perez
Sebastian Palacios
Natalie Klein
Ceylin Cinar
Emmanuel Mina
Christopher Bengen
Angie Hazim
Julian Delgado
Dawood Assaidi
Olivia Weglinski
Malak Jaffal
Nathan Capili
Joseph Castano
Javy DeLeon
Samantha Zamora
Jashley Cepeda
Yimeli Duenas
Kinda Basuf
Noah Gafur
Erik Partika
Nicholas Cruz
Jorge Martinez
Priscilla Porta
Valerie Vega-Fernandez
Mia Young
Rayan Farhan 
Emily Awada
Ashaly Dominguez
Mohamed Elsadig
Santiago Gonzalez
Melody Khalil
Renan Briones
Mehdi Chowdhury
Christyn Duverge
Massimo Colucci
Cheyenne Guerrette
Cecilia Arce
Lena Batca
Ahmed Hajahmed
Vasyl Kulmatytsky
Geraldine Olortigue Lopez 
Marcel Durzynski
Israa Fahmi
Romeo Marmolejos
Hadeel Masadeh
Jaden Boodhoo
Mikail Korkmaz
Victoria Lopez
Majd Mashal
Mohammad Qandil
Guillermo Reckeweg
Rami Shahin
Denzel Aguila
Luis Alvarado
Yasmine Himadi
Vanessa Lopez-Fallas
Daniel Feliciano
Jennifer Gutierrez
Kselena Halili
Cristian Herrera
Montaser Jabbar
Leanna Nakhle
Khaled Odeh
Julius Rios
Maya Almassri  
Michaela Mercado
Isaiah Diaz
Janna Jamhour
Salome Fajardo
Nathan Acosta
Micel Arias
Adam Fahmi
Jordan Gomez
Michael Rossi
Adrian Smith
Aaron Taverez
Salome Fajardo
Cesar Osis   
December Students of the Month  
We proudly present our December Students of the Month:   Rita Baroud, Hadeel Allan, Vihaan Patel, Lucenzo Colucci, Maria Al Hafi, Roshni Rana, Yanelis Martinez, Samantha Zamora, Mohammad Kariti, Nicholas Cruz, Rodrigo Tejada, David Perez, Adriana D’Oleo, and
Mia Young
November Students of the Month
We proudly present our November Students of the Month:
Jose Pintado Quinde, Rami Maresh, Vihaan Patel, Wandy Cordero-Ortiz, Cesar Pallazcho, Mohammed Yasin, Ashley Rodriguez, Denzel Aguila, Salome Fajardo, Priscilla Porta, Geraldine Olortigue Lopez, Christyn Duverge, Mikail Korkmaz, Salvatore Lamendola and Logan Ojeda
October Students of the Month
We proudly present our October Students of the Month:
Jesus Pita, Altan Batca, Angelina Inoa, Celeste Restrepo, Giordana Mendez, Israa Fahmi, Lucia Gisbert, Sebastian Palacios, Sara Al Hafi, Valerie Vega-Fernandez, Lena Batca, Massimo Colucci, Nicole Roman and David Feliciano

Manners Matter and Character Counts!
"GOOD MANNERS are just a way of showing other people that we have
RESPECT for them"   - Bill Kelly
Character Counts December 
We proudly present our December Character Counts Recipients!   A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. - Denis Waitley
November Character Counts
 We proudly present our November Character Counts Recipients!
" Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners."  
-Laurence Sterne
October Character Counts
We proudly present our October Character Counts Recipients
Eating Healthy
Our three November winners joined Mrs. Evans for a special breakfast treat today.  Everyone enjoyed their yogurt, fresh fruit, and granola parfait! Don't forget to make healthy choices and eat several servings of fruits and vegetables daily!
Eat Healthy November Eating Healthy
Eating Healthy Eating Healthy
Eating Healthy Eating Healthy
Special Birthday Reader Ms. Moreano  visited Mrs. Ramos’s room to read for her daughter Giordana. She read “Listening with my Heart”. 
 Mystery Reader
Special Birthday Reader Mr. Torres visited Mrs. Ramos’s room to read for his son Nathaniel. He read a Halloween book and a great book about bullying.
Mystery Reader 
Mrs. Campbell came to read to the class for Mahala's Birthday! She read Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss.
Mystery Reader- Mrs. Campbell

School One Events

Thank you Mr. Stepneski and the CHS Brass Ensemble for an outstanding performance filled with holiday cheer!
A special thank you to the Rotary Club for their generous dictionary donation and Mayor Anzaldi who distributed them to our third grade students again this year.
 Dictonary Dictonary
Stigma Free Tree
 Stigma Tree
Twin Day
Twin Day Twin Day
Twin Day
School One is STIGMA FREE!
Stigma Free
Mr. Christopher Brooks from the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission presented an engaging program that informed our students about the environment, the Passaic River and what they can do to keep it clean.
Passaic Valley Sewage Commission Passaic Valley Sewage Commission
The St. Barnabas Fire Safety House visited School One. Captain Davis presented an informative assembly complete with a real life simulation that offered third and fourth grade students an opportunity to practice their newly learned life saving skills.
Safety First First Safety
First Safety
Happy Halloween
Trunk or Treat
 Trunk or Treat Trunk or Treat
Trunk or Treat Trunk or Treat
Trunk or Treat Trunk or Treat
Trunk or Treat Trunk or Treat
Trunk or Treat Trunk or Treat
 Trunk or Treat
4th & 5th Grade STEM Night
STEM Night STEM Night
STEM Night STEM Night
STEM Night STEM Night
STEM Night STEM Night
K-2 students learned all about fire safety during Fire Prevention Week. The children learned about preparedness, fire safety awareness, and individual responsibility.  We honor our brave firefighters who continue to put themselves in harm’s way to protect our community.
Fire Prevention Week
Fire Prevention Week Fire Prevention Week
Fire Prevention Week Fire Prevention Week
Fire Prevention Week
Mrs. Hanson's first graders made applesauce today! They also tasted apples and voted for their favorite kind. 
Applesause  Applesause
Mrs. Stepneski's class celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day by making applesauce!   
Johnny Appleseed
The Ned Show assembly incorporated a mix of storytelling, humor,  illusion and yo-yo tricks to inspire and motivate our students. Remember to Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best!
Box Tops
You can help raise money for School One just by shopping for your favorite items at your favorite stores. School One participates in several give-back programs, including Box Tops for Education!
Turn your everyday receipts into cash for School One with the Box Tops Bonus App. It’s free and as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s how it works!
School One Anti-Bullying Specialist: Theresa Evans, Principal
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