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Welcome to School #1!

School One, located in the Middle Village section of Clifton (just beyond Christopher Columbus Middle School, the former CHS, and Clifton Schools Stadium), opened its doors in 1930. School One has 312 students in grades K - 5. We are proud to have served several generations of families in our school community.

School One CounselingPlease use our NEW School 1 Counseling Website as a resource to help students and parents navigate this confusing and difficult time. We include helpful articles, websites, games, activities and mindful tools to keep us healthy and grounded.
Little Sparklers
Congratulations to our Little Sparklers who are awesome Raz Kids readers! The following students met their reading goal - Kindergarteners read 20 books and grade one students read 30. We are so proud of you!
Thumbsup emojiMarking Period 3Thumbsup emoji
Layla Ramadan
Serra Tastan
Thumbsup emojiMarking Period 2Thumbsup emoji
Fares Abu Mater
Hanin Elsadig
Gabriella Zamora
Emmalyse Indio
Alp Tek
Iabela Pineda
Fabrizio Tejada
Mya Wiggins
Somaya Youssef
Noorhan Ghaleb
Malak Ghorab
Isidoro Mora
Layla Ramadan 
Mia Lopez
Ciaran Smyth
Alice Thomas
Kaif Chowdhury 
Thumbsup emojiMarking Period 1Thumbsup emoji
Emmalyse Indio
Gabriella Zamora
Alp Tek
Fares Abu Mater
Hanin Elsadig
Isabela Peneda
Colin De Cos
Salma Ghorab**
Nathaniel Torres*
Thumbsup emoji Thumbsup emoji
Congratulations to School One's avid readers! The following students surpassed their individual reading goal AND maintained an 85% or better comprehension rate. We are so proud of you!
* denotes a Reading Oneder for two marking periods
** denotes a Reading Oneder for three marking periods
Thumbsup emoji Marking Period 4 Thumbsup emoji
Colin De Cos
Salma Ghorab**
Nathaniel Torres*
Thumbsup emoji Marking Period 3 Thumbsup emoji
Salma Ghorab*
Vanessa Lopez-Fallas**
Nathaniel Torres
Ella Ciberej*
Maria Al Hafi**
Jade Bardales 
Israa Fahmi**
Emma Muso
Jiya Patel*
Lina Shahin*
Noah Gafur *
Sara Mosleh *
Thumbsup emoji Marking Period 2 Thumbsup emoji
Jaiden Delgado*
Yimeli Duenas*
Noah Gafur
Lucia Gisbert
Cheyenne Guerrette
Malak Jaffal*
Dareen Mahmoud
Sara Mosleh
Erik Partika
Sara Al Hafi
Asma Bino
Anferny Castillo
Justin Figueroa
Kareem Jabbar
Julnar Jaber
Aarav Modi
Kevin Mora
Vanessa Lopez-Fallas*
Salma Ghorab  
Maria Al-Hafi*
Israa Fahmi*
Cesar Pallazhco
Noorhan Ghaleb
Malak Ghorab
Isidoro Mora
Ella Ciberej
Cesar Pallazhco*
Thumbsup emoji Marking Period 1 Thumbsup emoji
Mahala Campbell
Israa Fahmi
Lina Shahin
Vanessa Lopez-Fallas
Jiya Patel
Sara Al Hafi
Anferny Castillo
Jayden Gonzalez
Kareem Jabbar
Mohammad Kariti
Cesar Osis
Pricilla Porta
Irmak Sergerdanoglu
Asma Bibo
Julnar Jaber
Jorge Martinez
Malek Motie
Briana Alvarado
Alaina Bengen
Julian Cela
Jael Concepcion
Malak Ghorab
Hadeel Masadeh
Giordana Mendez
Taliah Ortiz
Nicholas Svolto
Ashley Vega
Alexa Yanez
Luis Alvarado
Khawla Bino
Jaden Boodhoo
Marianne Carrera
Andrea Cedano
Nicholas Cruz
Bedirhan Demir
Jayson Gonzalez
Rani Hamdan
Yasmine Himadi
Victoria Lopez
Vanessa Ramos
Rami Shahin
Valerie Vega
MIa Young
Esmeralda Zapata
Sabreen Ramadan
Noorham Ghaleb
Jaiden Delgado
Yimeli Duenas
Malak Jaffal
Maria Al Hafi
March Students of the Month
March Students of the Month

Manners Matter and Character Counts!
"GOOD MANNERS are just a way of showing other people that we have
RESPECT for them"- Bill Kelly
March Character Counts-Pride
March Character Counts-Pride
Box Tops
You can help raise money for School One just by shopping for your favorite items at your favorite stores. School One participates in several give-back programs, including Box Tops for Education!
Turn your everyday receipts into cash for School One with the Box Tops Bonus App. It’s free and as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s how it works!
School One Anti-Bullying Specialist: Janet Kolano, Interim Principal
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