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Welcome to School #1!

School One, located in the Middle Village section of Clifton (just beyond Christopher Columbus Middle School, the former CHS, and Clifton Schools Stadium), opened its doors in 1930. Celebrating its 80th anniversary, School One has 312 students in grades K - 5. We are proud to have served several generations of families in our school community.

Welcome To School One

School One  - Reference and Health Office Fact Sheet
School 1 - January Calendar
School 1 Winter Newsletter

  School One - Winter Newsletter

From the desk of M.Vickie Beck, Supervisor of Nurses
Cold Vs. Flu Information - 11.27.17
Little Sparklers
Congratulations to our Little Sparklers who are awesome Raz Kids readers! The following students met their reading goal - Kindergarteners read 20 books and grade one students read 30. We are so proud of you!
Kate Acapana
Ella Ciberej
Youssef Hamwi
Cole Allen
Giordana Mendez
Keily De La Cruz
Ashley Vega
Julissa Rojas
Salma Nouh
Julian Cela
George Hamwi
Aisha Korkmaz
Venisha Dalal
Matthew Lambert
Briana Alvarado
Emma Holubecky
Emma Muso
Jiya Patel
Maria Al Hafi
Valeria Hoyos
Hadeel Masadeh
Mustafa Sabla
Lina Shahin
Mauricio Recinos
Lucenzo Colucci 
Thumbsup emoji Thumbsup emoji
Congratulations to School One's avid readers! The following students surpassed their individual reading goal AND maintained an 85% or better comprehension rate. We are so proud of you!
Thumbsup emoji Marking Period 2 Thumbsup emoji
(*) denotes attainment for two marking periods
*Stephan Ivanova
*Mia Young
*Vedansh Shah
*Ahmad Mahmoud
*Mahmmoud Kariti
*Lena Batca
*Olivia Weglinski
*Natalie Klein
*Elberd Arsamakov
*Yuriy Levkovych
*Dalia Abu-Osbah
*Christopher Martinez
*Youssef Nouh
*Mohamed Abdelrehim
*Salome Gonzalez
*Maya Mashal
*Aya Almassri
*Alexander Perez
*Naresh Rooplal
*Omar Allan
*Nadine Abedrabbo
*Gabriella Fornino
*Dev Patel
*Laith Abdelghani
*Lucia Gisbert
*Jenai Cariello
*Sara Al Hafi
*Nicholas Cruz
Qielli Ukshini
*Azra Chowdhury 
*Abrar Alsaidi
Micel Arias
*Renan Briones
Jayson Gonzalez 
Rani Hamdan 
*Irmak Sergerdanoglu
*Angie Eljerou
*Jemilia Sanchez
*Arianna Caride
*Velizar Lazarov
*Matthew Mendoza
*Nasseem Zaynoune
Dareen Mahmoud
*Jayden Gonzalez
Cecilia Arce
*Kevin Arias
*Massimo Colucci
*Mohamed Elsadig
Nataly Hincapie
*Melody Khalil
*Michaela Mercado
*Geraldine Olortiguez Lopez
*David Perez 
Thumbsup emoji Marking Period 1 Thumbsup emoji
Victoria Lopez
Mia Young
Alara Cinar
Tanaz Gafur
Vedansh Shah
Jacob Soriano-Macedo
Elberd Arsamakov
Adam Rabboh
Natalie Klein
Kevin Orzero
Priscilla Porta 
Valerie Vega-Fernandez
Jayden Gonzalez
Jaden Boodhoo
Irmak Sergerdanoglu
Majd Mashal
Dev Patel
Ahmad Mahmoud
Cianna Payano
Stephan Ivanova
Zaid Jaffal
Youssef Nouh
Naresh Rooplal
Jemilia Sanchez
Azra Chowdhury
Mustafa Ayoub
Yasmine Himadi
Aarav Modi
Luis Alvarado
Kareem Jabbar
Sara Al Hafi
Nadine Abedrabbo
Rami Shahin
Levi Henderson
Lucia Gisbert
Luis Montalvo
Renan Briones
David Perez 
Justin D'Amato
Mahmmoud Kariti
Christopher Bengen
Samantha Zamora
Laith Abdelghani
Dalia Abu-Osbah
Tamer Assaf
Angie Eljerou
Ahmad Ghaith
Christopher Martinez
Aryan Patel
Alexander Perez
Mohamed Abdelrehim
Massimo Colucci
Melody Khalil
Noah Cantillo
Jorge Martinez
Yuriy Levkovych
Malak Jaffal
Dareen Mahmoud
Omar Allan Aya Almassri
Taina Cordero
Xiara Gonalez
Emirhan Muhamed
Geraldine Olortiguez Lopez
Maya Mashal
Ariana Rivera
Melanie Perez
Angelie Ayala
Arianna Caride
Nasma Elsadig
Gabriella Fornino
Mert Gundogdu
Barbara Huaman
Joyden Kennedy
Velizar Lazarov
Matthew Mendoza
Anthony Sanchez
Nasseem Zaynoune
Dawood Assaidi 
Olivia Weglinski 
Bedirhan Demir
Guillermo Reckeweg
Nicole Velasquez
Alhaytham Abumatar
Justin Laloo
Yug Upadhyay
Kinda Basuf
Joseph Castano
Zade Norman
Kevin Arias
Ceylin Cinar
Michaela Mercado
Anubis Correa
Abrar Alsaidi
Lena Batca
Montaser Jabbar
Adrian Smith 
Our January Students of the Month: Ivan Gisbert, Adalia Lapaix, Maria Al Hafi, Giordana Mendez, Jashley Cepeda, Emmanuel Mina, Yasmine Himadi,  Mohamed Abdelrehim, Olivia Weglinski, Adam Fahmi, Cianna Payano, Jemilia Sanchez, Aarav Modi, and Christopher Benge
January Students of the Month
Our December Students of the Month: Angelina Iona, Safaa Louridi, Ayham Abdelghani,
Ashley Vega, Levi Henderson, Yimeli Duenas, Natalie Klein, Sara Al Hafi, Ahmed Hajahmed,
Massimo Colucci, Nasma Elsadig, Aryan Patel, Trynity Conklin, and Bedrihan Demir
December Students of the Month
Our November Students of the Month: Heru Correa, Venisha Dalal, Israa Fahmi, Salma Nouh, Samantha Zamora, Yanelis Martinez, Anubis Correa, Nicholas Cruz, Alyssa Colavito, Michaela Mercado, Matthew Mendoza, Angie Eljerou, Joyden Kennedy, and Briana Alvarado
Our October Students of the Month: Lucenzo Colucci, Maya Niebrzydowski, Alaina Bengen, Lina Shahin. Laith Abdelghani, Denzel Aguila, Nicole Velasquez, Mia Young, Renan Briones, Melody Khalil, Alara Cinar, Azra Chowdhury, Ashely Dominguez, and Mehdi Chowdhury

Manners Matter and Character Counts!
"GOOD MANNERS are just a way of showing other people that we have
RESPECT for them"   - Bill Kelly
"Responsibility is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking."   We proudly present our January honorees!
Character Counts January Honorees
"Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community." - Anthony J. D'Angelo
We proudly present our December honorees!
December Manners honorees
We proudly present our November honorees!
We proudly present our October honorees!
Maya Niebrzydowski's mom read her daughter's all-time favorite book, Moondance to the students in Ms. Durkin's room.
Ms. Niebrzydowski Reading Ms. Niebrzydowski Reading
Ms. Darwish surprised her daughter, Janna by reading her favorite story, Stella Luna to Mrs. Ramos's class. Her classmates cheerfully shared their birthday messages as well.
Ms. Darwish in Ms. Ramos Class
Mr. Thurston’s fifth-grade class welcomed Mystery Reader Jamileth Sanchez, who surprised her sister Jemilia. Jamileth read a couple of chapters from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
Mrs. Cantillo surprised her daughter, Alaina, in Mrs. Cutola’s class for her 6th birthday!  Our mystery reader captivated the audience with a story about fairies and our birthday girl was the main character in the book!
November birthday twins, Carla and Yurly each celebrated with their families on their special day. Customary Hug Books were presented by their classmates and each mom read a book to the class.
Book: The Teeny Tiny Ghost by Kay Winters
Mrs. Ramos and her class welcomed Angie Hazim's brother Angel who read The Teeny Tiny Ghost. The students took turns reading their birthday messages to the birthday girl!
Mr. and Mrs. Martinez surprised their daughter, Leanna, by reading her favorite story on her birthday. The Martinez's also very generously donated a book to Mrs. Cutola's Kindergarten classroom!
Mrs. Ramos and her second-grade class surprised Christopher by presenting him with a Birthday Hug Book. His classmates wrote messages in the book and read them aloud.  But the best birthday gift of all was Christopher's mom reading a book to the class.

School One Events

Spring is coming and Kindergarteners like George are blossoming readers, sharing their newfound skills with their classmates!
Kindergarten Readers
Mrs. Stepneski’s first grade class had a gingerbread celebration! They read many different gingerbread books and had fun finding the similarities among them. They also made cinnamon-applesauce ornaments for their families! 
Gingerbread Celebration  Gingerbread Celebration
Gingerbread Celebration Gingerbread Celebration
Gingerbread Celebration
Hour of Code Family Night for Grades Four & Five
What Most Schools Don't Teach - Video
Hour of Code
Hour of Code
Hour of Code Hour of Code
Thank you Detective Bermudez and Sergeant Balkar for a very informative cyber bullying presentation. Our fifth grade students learned a great deal about internet safety.
Anti Cyber-Bullying Assembly
School One's Winter Concert 2017
School 1 Winter Concert School 1 Winter Concert
School 1 Winter Concert School 1 Winter Concert
School 1 Winter Concert School 1 Winter Concert
Musical collaborations- amazing strings, chorus and band ensembles and their talented teachers.
School 1 Winter Concert School 1 Winter Concert
School 1 Winter Concert School 1 Winter Concert
School 1 Winter Concert
Congratulations Kevin, our grade three-second place Clifton Elks Hoop Shoot winner!
Hoop Shoot Winner
Thank you Mr. Al Dubois and Clean Communities for another fun-filled and educational assembly. The students loved the show!
Clean Community Assembly Clean Community Assembly
Clean Community Assembly Clean Community Assembly
Book Swap #2! Participation is growing and the reading frenzy continues! Bookswap
Bookswap Bookswap
Thank you Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission for a very informative assembly!
Ms. Gillespie’s second-grade class enjoyed completing a holiday pilgrim project, after learning about the first Thanksgiving feast held in the autumn of 1621
Ronald McDonald's farewell performance -Friendship Adventure was a fun-filled, entertaining and educational show enjoyed immensely by all. 
Mrs.Spadaro's third-grade class enjoyed sifting through over a thousand shells from a thirty-year-old Atlantic Ocean seashell collection. Students conducted online research to identify shells and illustrated, labeled, measured and described their physical attributes such as color, shape, and texture. Students then composed a simile to describe their shells such as "Spiky like a Stegosaurus's back." Lastly, the children demonstrated repurposing by creatively decorating their clamshells. The students particularly enjoyed sorting them by types such as Conch, Cut Ribbed Ark, and Florida Prickly Cockle. It nearly filled the entire rug!
Julissa from Mrs. Stepneski’s first-grade class cut nearly 11 inches of hair to donate to Locks of Love. We are so proud of her!
School One Halloween Celebration!
School One Halloween Parade!
Halloween Parade at the Stadium!
Trunk or Treat 2017
Mrs. Ramos’ second-grade class and Mr. Thurston’s fifth-grade class teamed up for a fun seasonal buddies' activity, writing haunted Halloween stories with a setting, a problem, and a solution. 
Ms. Centuori’s third-grade class gets up to dance in the afternoon to practice their multiplication times tables. Whole-body instruction allows for students to remember their facts quicker while having fun!  Special thanks to the family of Tyrone Bowden Jr. for letting us borrow the “Rock N Learn Multiplication Rap” video.
Mrs. Sochon discussed different types of owls with Mrs.Cutola’s Kindergarten class, a fun and informative extension activity for their Fundations lesson.
Mrs. Spadaro's third-grade class conducted a scientific inquiry in which they hypothesized about how to make the best flying paper airplane. Some students recognized wing size as a variable while others incorporated a variety of tips and tails to their three prototypes. A competition was held outside and there were many SUPER flying finalists. The best flyer was made by Justin Figueroa.
Miss Durkin's Kindergarten class completed a pumpkin math investigation worksheet utilizing math counter manipulatives to measure the height of their pumpkins and crayons to color in their size (small, medium, or large). This Fun Friday activity culminated with the students applying their addition skills to count the lines and then creatively paint their pumpkins.  Room 104 did a wonderful job!
Mrs. Hanson's first-grade students celebrated the letter M this week by creating their own mummies.
School One students were so excited to see Chuck E. Cheese and hear his anti-bullying message.  The celebration continued that evening when School One families gathered together for a night of food and fun at Chuck E. Cheese in Wayne.
Thank you to The Rotary Club for their very generous donation of dictionaries for our third grade students. The children were very excited to interact with Mayor Anzaldi. Rest assured they will proudly use their dictionaries daily!
Our first Book Swap was a great success! Hearing the students talk about their favorite books/authors as they "shopped" for new and exciting titles was terrific!  Keep reading and get ready to swap again next month.
Friendly's Night- School One students and their families making memories and supporting the school!


Pay for lunch & breakfast using the online pre-payment system, Payforit.net,  CLICK HERE for promotional flyer. You may pay using checks, credit cards, cash or electronic checking.   If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Business Office at 973-470-2288.
Box Tops
You can help raise money for School One just by shopping for your favorite items at your favorite stores. School One participates in several give-back programs, including Box Tops for Education!
Turn your everyday receipts into cash for School One with the Box Tops Bonus App. It’s free and as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s how it works!
School One Anti-Bullying Specialist: Theresa Evans, Principal
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