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Welcome to School #11!

Located in the "Heart of the Community," in Clifton's Lakeview section, School Eleven is the oldest meticulously maintained structure in the district. Administration and staff are devoted to providing only the most modern curricular and technological advancements in the arts and sciences. Fostering a community characterized by mutual respect and academic excellence is our goal. School Eleven’s dedicated staff embrace diversity while striving to provide each child with the tools for social, emotional, and academic growth needed to succeed in school, the workplace and beyond. Our Home and School Association is comprised of many devoted parents who strive to organize the fundraisers and activities that benefit all 485 School Eleven students.


School 11 January Calendar
Galaxy Club
Second Marking Period

Landen Abadan
Natalia Chrobak
Efe Gunes
Mia DeLeon
Jawad Tazwar
Erik Ramirez
Lennox Leal
Erika Castilla
Angel Saltos
Adem Aguirre
Noor Ighneim
Erika Castilla
Brandon Hinostroza

Daven Alib
Jayla Friedman
Yara Bader
Gabriela Diaz-Delgado
Kirill Gamulyak
Lindsy Gil
Victoria Mendez
Miranda Pineiro
Dilara Simsek
Kelvin Escobar
Laura Rojas
James Seymore
Amira Abdelsalam
Ahmed Matari

Janiyah Acevedo
Chrystal Dilone
Jayden Oliveros
Derya Ovayolu
Medina Utic
Victor Manrique
David Abbott
Raina Mistr
Kiannah Estivalletti
Sebastian Kobylarz
Valeria Mantilla
Caroline Manrique
Bryan Silva-Santisteban
Christina Briguglio
Alejandro Castano
Jase Pulgarin

Leandro Sanchez
Aliyah Camacho
Jomar Landa
Jaelyn Batista
Kiara Coy
C'Anni Green
Sulaf Hussein
Rahaf Salman
Eduardo Mitzi
Ayah Annous
Camilla Diaz
Michelle Paz

First Marking Period

Natalie Rojas
Jenna Alnatur
Piotr Czajka
Mattias Luscher
Johnny Martinez
Lucas Melo
Aleksandra Szymanska
Jawad Tazwar
Dilara Simsek
Justin O'Connor
Renata Chyshkevych
Victor Manrique
Danna Martinez
Lennox Leal
Brandon Hinostroza

Deema Bader
Leilany Natal Ramos
Adam Zeerban
Sebastian Kobylarz
Eric Ramirez
Kelvin Escobar
Sadeel Musa
Laura Rojas
James Seymore
Jayden Toledo
Janiyah Acevedo
Medina Utic
Mert Korkmaz
Gabriella Deleon
Abel Chong
Isaac Mejia

Amira Abdelsalam
Isabella Frias
Melenny Inoa
Tamara Korkmaz
Daven Alib
Rahaf Salman
Sabrina Abufasha
Derya Ovayolu
Lina Asad
Roger Francisco
Helin Kayar
Abdel Rahman Matari
Maida Ajeti
Geraldine Olortique
Matthew Thompson

Amy Ruiz
Natalia Szymanska
Erika Castilla
Aleyna Kokten
Wenderic Garcia-Villanueva
America Vasquez
Kelvin Escobar
Ahmed Matari
Brianna Cruz
Josiah Diaz
Angelina Valenzuela
Louis Colao
Cedra Alshujaieh
Dennis Irizarry
Caroline Manrique

School 11 is Charting Our Reading Stars!

Wanted! Non-fiction Gnome! Reward if found!

Student of the Month
Congratulations to our November Students of the Month: Salsabila Musa,
Eldion Murseli, Sebastian Godwin, Geraldine Oloritigue Lopez, Jawad Tazwar, Brianna Gonzalez

Congratulations to our December Students of the Month : Aya Daghash,Juliette Suarez,Valeria Mantilla,Noah Rodriguez,Derya Ovayolu,Rihanna Rosario.

Congratulations to our September Students of the Month:
Thomas Zafis, Juan Olmo and Brandon Cruz, Victor Manrique, Judah Portillo-Del Valle, and Mia Deleon

Congratulations to our October Students of the Month: Ixchel Bravo De Dios, Sebastian Kobylarz, Gia Delgado, Amira Abdelsalam, Sal Melo, Caleigh Gaudet

Winter Concert 2016 Congratulations to our talented students and staff!  
School 11 Halloween Parade

Rain, rain go away? Not tonight! We brought the fun inside and over 450 people had a blast at the Trunk or Treat/Spooky Family Literacy Night.

November winners for the H.E.A.R.T program are Anderson Azanedo-Santisteban and Deven Batista
School Eleven's HEART Program encourages students to be H- Helpful, E- Empathetic, A-Accountable, R- Responsible and T- Trustworthy.  Students who exhibit these qualities receive a HEART ticket and are automatically entered into a monthly drawing.  Pictured below are our September winners: Ceasar Jenkins and Wenderic Garcia-Villanueva.  Who will be next to spin the prize wheel?

Our October winners are: Jaden Reid and Veronica Pineiro.

December winners for the H.E.A.R.T program are Gina Neils and Natalia Lopez.


In celebration of the Week of Respect students enjoyed Blue Sky Puppet Theatre's presentation of SUPERPIG, an anti-bullying show.


What Does the HSA Support? Find Out HERE!!

Special thanks to all who supported School Eleven and voted for our video daily. Now our reading stars will really shine!   http://www.northjersey.com/community-news/community-events-and-announcements/people-have-voted-school-11-wins-8-000-1.1526324

School 11: This is Who We Are and What We Do
AnnouncingThis is who we are and what we do!!!

NJ School Boards Association's A+ Ideas, Programs and Practices
School 11 Reading Program Gets a Star - NorthJersey.com

School 11 -  Follett Challenge Winners!
Family School 11 Provides AM ONLY Extensions: Before School Care Program  Click Here for More Information
Mystery Readers
Mrs. Angelillo's class welcomed Deanna's mom, Mrs. Suhair Alnatur.
K-12's first Mystery Reader was Mia Ferrandiz's mom. Mrs. Ferrandiz read Mia's favorite alphabet book
Matthew Santos' Mom helped get K-12 ready for Halloween by reading a spooky Halloween book!

Mrs. Ramirez, Briana's mother read Happy Thanksgiving, Biscuit to Ms. Marzocca's class.

Franshesca Ledesma's mom was K-11's surprise Mystery Reader  

Clifton Public School 11 - Water Results

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School Anti-Bullying Specialist: Theresa Evans, Principal
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