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Located in the "Heart of the Community," in Clifton's Lakeview section, School Eleven is the oldest meticulously maintained structure in the district. Administration and staff are devoted to providing only the most modern curricular and technological advancements in the arts and sciences. Fostering a community characterized by mutual respect and academic excellence is our goal. School Eleven’s dedicated staff embrace diversity while striving to provide each child with the tools for social, emotional, and academic growth needed to succeed in school, the workplace and beyond. Our Home and School Association is comprised of many devoted parents who strive to organize the fundraisers and activities that benefit all 485 School Eleven students.

School 11- November Calendar

Reading Under the Stars 2015

On Friday evening stargazers observed the moon, the Pleaides open star cluster, M15 globular star cluster, double double (two double stars close to each other) Albireo (double star), the ring nebula which looks like a smoke ring, and at the end of the evening several people caught a glimpse of the Andromeda Galaxy. Students blasted off for adventure in the district-owned Star Lab inflatable planetarium, visited the Black Hole Reading Nook and participated in other related learning activities.

Special thanks to the eighth grade Woodrow Wilson Middle School students who visited our fourth grade students as part of the Sidekicks peer mentoring program.  This program takes the proactive approach to character education, allowing our eighth and fourth grade students to spend time together.  Students have the opportunity to discuss goal setting, sportsmanship, kindness, internet safety, drugs and alcohol, and anti-bullying. 



School Eleven proudly presents our 100 first marking period Galaxy Club members.  Way to go everyone! Keep reading and your star will continue to shine all year!

Thanks to the Rotary Club third grade students were the lucky recipients of new dictionaries.

School 11 community, please consider donating to our TROOPS!  Show your appreciation to our men and women in uniform. See Flyer for more information on how you can donate!
Halloween Parade
School 11 - Trunk or Treat
Trunk or Treat

Students in Mrs. Kane's class enjoyed a unique, hands-on lesson about possible future careers.


School Eleven students truly enjoyed the recent, hilariously funny Grand Falloons Program made possible by Clean Communities and Mr. Al Dubois, the city's recycling coordinator.  What a wonderful way to educate students about the importance of recycling and respecting our planet!

Grand Falloons Grand Falloons
School 11: This is Who We Are and What We Do
AnnouncingThis is who we are and what we do!!!

NJ School Boards Association's A+ Ideas, Programs and Practices
School 11 Reading Program Gets a Star - NorthJersey.com

School 11 -  Follett Challenge Winners!
Family School 11 Provides AM ONLY Extensions: Before School Care Program  Click Here for More Information
Student of the Month
Congratulations to our October Students of the Month:
Front row left to right: Deven Batista, Sebastian Kobylarz and Adam Zeerban
Back row left to right: Christian Lopez, Ahmed Matari and Camilla Diaz
Students of Month

Congratulations to our November Students of the Month:
Front row left to right: Kacey Pimentel, Valeria Mantilla and Sara KoracBack row left to right: Seniz Gunes, Elian Saldivar and Roger Francisco (not pictured)

Mystery Readers

April Moylan, Gabrielle's mom read two books to Mrs. Angelillo's class. Mystery Reader

Lamees was thrilled when her mom, Mrs. Abdallatif read autumn themed books to her friends in Ms. Marzocca's class.

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