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Welcome to School #12!

School Twelve, located in the Botany Section of Clifton, opened its doors in 1912.  School Twelve currently serves 670 students. School Twelve embraces all of the different cultures represented by our student population.  We are proud to be known for our motto in which we believe in explicitly "Knowledge is Power."

The Clifton Public School District provide our students with summer academic enrichment programs. The I.S.E.E. program offers 1-8 graders, classes in Art, Language Arts, Math, Music, Science and Musical Theater. All at the air-conditioned CHS Annex. Parents please look into this valuable educational opportunity which takes place over the summer.  For more information and to register CLICK HERE!

A Day-in-Clay with Cliff Mendelson with our Minds in Motion after school program!!!

Minds in Motion Attends Youth Series at the New York Jets Training Camp in Florham Park. 
On August 2, 2016, Minds in Motion was invited back to the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center for a fun afternoon of activities and football.


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School Anti-Bullying Specialist: Maria Parham-Talley, Principal
(973) 470-2404
165 Clifton Avenue
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