225 Ackerman Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey 07011  973-594-4191

School # 12 Annex Administration

Principal Maria Parham-Talley 973-470-2404
Assistant Principal Joelle Rosetti 973-594-4190
Secretary Kathryn Pugliese 973-594-4190
Secretary Denisse Reyes  
Clinic (AM) Nicole Stepneski, RN 973-594-4192
School Counselor Sharon Santostefano


Child Study Team 2 Bonnie Blaustein 973-470-2422
Child Study Team 2 Kristen Perry 973-470-2422
Child Study Team 2 Dr. Mariannette Bonet 973-470-2422
Pre School Child Study Team

Monique Garcia


Anna Sawicki

  Sabrina Seela  
  Bahiah Abdrabboh  

Kristin Chang


Danielle Pfund

  Yelena Vayner  
Custodian William Murray


Staff Email Addresses -  First Initial of first name, Last Name@cliftonschools.net
example: jdoe@cliftonschools.net  *exceptions to first initial noted in parentheses( )