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Welcome to School #12!

School Twelve, located in the Botany Section of Clifton, opened its doors in 1912.  School Twelve currently serves 670 students. School Twelve embraces all of the different cultures represented by our student population.  We are proud to be known for our motto in which we believe in explicitly "Knowledge is Power."

January Calendar
School 12 - January Calendar
School 12 - Holiday Sing-Along!
Sing-Along Sing-Along
Google recently visited School 12. Expeditions AR uses Google's AR technology to map the physical classroom and placed 3D objects. Students can walk all around the objects, get in close to spot details, and step back to see the full picture.
January Great Student Winners
January Great Students 
January Panda Pride Winners
January Panda Pride 
December Most Improved Student Winners
January Most Improved 
January Citizenship Award Winners
January Citizenship Winners 
 January Bingo Reading Winners
School 12 hosted a Vendor Fair on November 18th.  Students from the Minds and Motion program showcased a dance, choir, step and Xylophone presentations throughout the day. There were also St. Joseph's Hospital tables with health and wellness information, Optical Academy that provided eye exams, Amanda Bananas ice cream truck along with other local vendors. We would like to thank the community for all their support and attendance to make this event such a success. Thank you! 
School 12 was visited by Ronald MacDonald. A show designed to teach kids about building good character.  The show reinforces that “what’s on the inside” – qualities of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility and fairness – is what really counts. Ronald McDonald uses interactive skits, magic tricks, music and lots of laughter to make this message memorable to students.
School 12 Student Council Candidates!
Mrs. Samra's class participated in a lesson " I can identify parts of a pumpkin."  
Mrs. Orrok's practiced their sight words with finger paint.
School 12 students participated in our first "Dress for Success" day.  Students dressed up in dresses, dress pants, collared shirts and a smile.
Ms. Miranda’s first grade class was practicing writing our trick words in colored sand!
Author Donna Fantacone visits first grade to read her book, Officer Tony Says “Be Careful”.
Mrs. Maravillas's First Grade class using chromebooks to review Math.
School 12 Annex Preschool Learning Fun!
Chuck E. Cheese Visits School 12!
Mr. Moll's class ROCKIN centers!
Mayor Anzaldi visits School 12
Miss Green's class uses their "heads" to make learning vocabulary fun!
School Anti-Bullying Specialist: Maria Parham-Talley, Principal
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