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Welcome to School #14!

School 14, located on St. Andrew’s Blvd., opened its doors in 1953. It currently serves approximately 321 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten to five. We are proud to be known for our bilingual magnet program and special education programs, which attract a rich diversity of students from all over the city.

The Clifton Public School District provide our students with summer academic enrichment programs. The I.S.E.E. program offers 1-8 graders, classes in Art, Language Arts, Math, Music, Science and Musical Theater. All at the air-conditioned CHS Annex. Parents please look into this valuable educational opportunity which takes place over the summer.  For more information and to register CLICK HERE!
School 14 Field Day!
School 14 Day at the Jackals Game!
School 14 hosted a wonderful night of reading and reading related activities for the students of School 14. A great time was had by all! A special thank you to Ms. Finkel, Ms. Mbayed, Ms. Sinko and Ms. Ayes for putting together such a wonderful program for our students.

Ms. Yoon's 5th grade class was the lucky recipient of a Thanksgiving feast provided by Mr. Michael, Ms. Yoon's friend.  Mr. Michael has been giving back to School 14 5th grade students for several years. We would like to recognize his kindness and thank him for his generosity!

School 14 celebrated Halloween with a great "table or treat" party at the school on Friday, October 28th. On Halloween there was a fabulous parade around the school where parents enjoyed seeing all the students in their costumes. Fun was had by


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