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Welcome to School #15!

School 15 was originally built in 1921. We are located in the Dutch Hill section of Clifton, whose founding members were predominantly Dutch settlers. School 15 is a microcosm of the surrounding community. Approximately three hundred and fifty students experienced life in School 15 this year. Our population also allows us to blend the combined experiences of so many different children and cultures.     
Our emphasis is on aligning the curriculum with the core content standards and enhancing each student's educational experience in order to maximize their performance as a student in school and as a citizen in our community. Every day at School 15 provides each child an opportunity to develop the necessary skills in becoming lifelong learners.

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Christopher Nessim
Congratulations to Christopher Nessim on winning 1st place in the Youth Week’s Foul Shooting contest! 
Congratulations to the following students who were exceptional “Principal’s for a Day”.
Daniela Manco, Emely Dominguez, Emma Howard
Principal for the Day Principal for the Day
Principal for the Day
The YoJo Show - Ace the PARCC!
School 15's staff wore Women's History inspired t-shirts in celebration of the months focus. Nevertheless she persisted along with character, courage, commitment. Kudo's for celebrating Women's History Month in style! 
Women's History
Women's History  
Most Green!
Congratulations to the winners of the School 15 Most Green Contest in celebration of St. Patrick's Day!  Sebastian Camacho and Christopher Rivera
Math Nights at School 15
Grade 5 Math Night was a huge success!!
Math Night Math Night
Math Night Math Night
Math Night Math Night
Math Night  Family Math Night
Family Math Night  Family Math Night
Family Math Night  Family Math Night
Family Math Night
School 15 Kindergartner's designed African Tribal Masks in honor of Black History Month. 
Tribal Masks
Tribal Masks 
Tribal Masks
SustainableSchool 15 WON a GRANT for their Recycle, Reduce, REFILL initiative.  Three filtered water fountains were installed at School 15 to kick of their initiative.  Students and staff are working to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their  use of disposable plastic bottles. Instead, they are refilling reusable water bottles! Students have brought in their water bottles and are recording data to determine the ounces, pints, quarts  and gallons of water consumed each month. They are also determining the number of disposable bottles they kept out of landfills and recycling plants. 
Congratulations to the Stakeholder team for seeing this initiative through.  Students: Anabelle Chiquito, David Hanna, Justin Marshall, Isis McCutchen, Andres Rocha, Maitri Shah, Amber Smith and Alberth Villegas. Parents: Rob Howard, Lindsay Ramcharitar, Debra Edwards, Maryanne Abhoud, and Katy Roman. Staff: Mrs. Conboy, Mrs. Kalb/Mr. Tomesko and Ms. Tunis
AR Champions 
Congratulations to our March AR CHAMPIONS—Ms. Vangieri’s class. Great job, keep reading because LEADERS are READERS!
March AR Champs!

Every student in Mrs. Barone's 4th grade class met their reading goal for the month of January. They are the A/R CHAMPIONS.  Way to Read!!!
January AR Champs
Congratulations to the following Accelerated Reader Champions!! Every student in the following classes met their AR goal for the month of November: Mrs. Betsy’s 1st grade class, Ms. Rose’s 1st grade class and Mrs. Van Winkle’s 2nd Grade class.
Mrs. Betsy’s class pictured with the AR trophy.
AR Champs
Mrs. Betsy's 1st grade class
Ms. Rose's 1st grade class
AR Chanps
Mrs. VanWinkle's class
School 15 thansk the Clean Communities for the Grand Falloons "The Ways of Water" Assembly. It was an awesome science lesson full of animation, fun and of course sciene facts!
Grand Falloons Grand Falloons
Grand Falloons Grand Falloons
Grand Falloons
Mrs. Betsy, Mrs. Rose and Ms. Vangieri's 1st grade classes created APPLE TURKEYS with the help of their parents.
Ms. Vangieri's class also performed a Thanksgiving Play for the 2nd graders at School 15.
School 15 students in grades K-3 enjoyed It's Book Time with Ronald McDonald!
School 15 had a great "Oktoberfest" from our pumpkin patch to Trunk or Treat to our Halloween parade. It was clearly Spooktacular.


Pay for lunch & breakfast using the online pre-payment system, Payforit.net,  CLICK HERE for promotional flyer. You may pay using checks, credit cards, cash or electronic checking.   If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Business Office at 973-470-2288.

Kindergarten students "Building Together" created a replica of School 15. Awesome work Daniella Cavani and Mason Monroy. 

October 2017 - CliftonMagazine.com Article:  2,500 Clifton Seedlings
Clifton- 100 Years of Living in a Clean, Green Sustainable Commuity
Box Tops
Please continue to clip and send in Box Tops this school year! Let's make school 15 thrive! We thank you for your continued support.
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