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Welcome to School #15!

School 15 was originally built in 1921. We are located in the Dutch Hill section of Clifton, whose founding members were predominantly Dutch settlers. School 15 is a microcosm of the surrounding community. Approximately three hundred and fifty students experienced life in School 15 this year. Our population also allows us to blend the combined experiences of so many different children and cultures.     
Our emphasis is on aligning the curriculum with the core content standards and enhancing each student's educational experience in order to maximize their performance as a student in school and as a citizen in our community. Every day at School 15 provides each child an opportunity to develop the necessary skills in becoming lifelong learners.


School 15 - June Calendar

Congratulations to the 1st grade classes here at School 15, they successfully completed the B.A.B.E.S program which provided our students with healthy living skills and information needed for protection against substance abuse. Each unit consists of a lesson in the form of a story and activities designed to support the unit concepts. BABES is provided through Clifton's Municipal Alliance (CASA).

School 15 Safety Patrol joined Clifton patrols on their annual trip to Washington, DC. The patrols enjoyed the event and explored all the national moments during their stay in DC. A special thanks to Ms. Fedorchak, Safety Patrol advisor and chaperones, Mrs. Gerechoff and Mrs. Penna. 




Congratulations to Ms. Scheps 3rd grade class! Each student met their AR goal for the month of April. They will host the AR CHAMPION TROPHY for two weeks as there was a three way tie for April (Mrs. VanWinkle and Mrs. Bogdanski classes) Great job guys...way to read!

Read Around the Playground

1st grade students participated in our annual Read Around the Playground organized by Mrs. Teixeira. Students engaged in a number of reading activities led by our 5th grade students.

 Writer's Tea

On Thursday, May 19th, the The Third Grade students were very excited to share their poetry books with their families at our First Annual Writer's Tea.  The students and their family members enjoyed tea and cookies while sharing their poems, including Acrostic, I Am, Diamante, Cinquain, Haiku, & Limericks.  All participants had a chance to write their own Acrostic poem together.  It was a great afternoon for all!

Parents sign your 1st through 8th grader up early for Clifton Schools' Integrated Summer Enrichment Experience (I.S.E.E)!!!!
Visit our ISEE page for more information and to register!

School 15 celebrated the kickoff to PARCC with a special visitor: the school 15 mascot "Cougar". HSA purchased the costume as a display of school spirit. Each class will compete in the "Name Our Cougar Contest"! Stay tuned to see what name wins!!!

On March 30th students and staff welcomed the NED Show to School 15
While doing tricks with his handy Yo-Yo, Ned shared his message of:
Never Give Up
Encourage Everyone
Do Your Best

School 15 hosted Math Nights March 16 and March 23 for grades 3-5. Students practiced their math facts, fraction wars, math riddles and much more.

The 1st grade students along with their parents and teachers; Mrs. Betsy, Ms. Rose and Ms. Vangieri crafted Big Mouth Bunny baskets.

Here are our School 15 Dr. Seuss Celebration pictures. We celebrated with crazy socks, hair and costumes. We enjoyed our visit from The Cat In The Hat courtesy of HSA!

Grades K & 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Fun Pics!
Crazy Hats

Zumba Family Night was a huge success! We clapped, danced and had a great time.


Students and staff of School Fifteen celebrated 100 days of school by expressing 100 reasons we love School Fifteen via a school wide bulletin board as well as in class activities!


Thanks to the School 15 Community for making our 1st Annual Flapjack Fundraiser a HUGE SUCCESS!!!!

 NO COST Fundraisers to participate in for School 15

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