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Welcome to School #16!

School Sixteen located in the Montclair Heights section of Clifton opened its doors in 1957. It currently serves preschool handicapped through grade 5. We are proud to be recognized as the "Home of the Future's Best".


Thanksgiving Turkey
School 16 - November Calendar

As School 16 is concerned about the safety of our students, we are offering our students, parents and staff personal safety training from the NJ Child Assault Prevention (CAP) program.  CAP is a statewide primary prevention project with a mission to reduce bullying, stranger abduction and known adult assault.  To learn more about CAP and what they will be teaching your children, we invite you to join us at the CAP parent workshop on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 2:00pm.  Below is the CAP Community Affairs video from their website.  http://njcap.org/cap-new-community-affairs-video/

Reading is Monsterously Fun- Reading Incentive Program!!
Parents - Please Read Flyer about this exciting new reading program for our students!!!
P.A.C.K Week

School 16's staff and students celebrated P.A.C.K. Week - Pack Assorted Colors for Kids.  This fun and educational program is aimed at encouraging kids to eat a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, as each has its own nutritional benefits.  Each day of the week was assigned a different color- red, white, orange/yellow, green, and purple/blue.  The children were encouraged to pack a fruit or vegetable in their lunch box based on the color of the day.  To add to the fun, each class received points for their snacks and for wearing the color.  The classes with the most points enjoyed extra recess.  A job well done by all of our boys and girls! 

Thumbs Up

Our school is committed to creating a positive learning environment where students are academically and socially successful.  As part of our promise, we are implementing a “Super Students of the Month” program to assist in building student character and to develop a sense of community.  Please Read Flyer.

Our 3rd graders recently had a visit from the Fire Safety House.  This mobile classroom was specifically designed to teach children vital burn prevention and fire escape techniques through a fun, safe simulation of common hazards.  The house, equipped with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, features the types of dangers children should look for.  In addition, the house emits a non-toxic white fog to teach children to crawl low to safety.  A heated door helps children choose the right exit and a ladder on the second floor allows them to practice emergency escapes.  The boys and girls certainly found the Fire Safety House to be a valuable and enjoyable learning experience that taught the importance of fire safety as well as compassion and caring for others.

October is National Fire Prevention Month.  Students in Pre-K through Grade 2 kicked off the celebration with a visit from the Clifton Fire Department.  The boys and girls also created a “Hear tFire Preventionhe Beep, Where You Sleep” theme poster and participated in emergency preparedness activities with Ms. Paton. Thank you Ms. Paton and Mrs. Weckesser for organizing such a fun filled learning experience!

To become aware and be prepared, check out the following websites:

"Knockout Toxins with Daniel the Beagle" was presented to the students on Tuesday, September 30, 2015.  Through personal illustrations and examples from Daniel and his canine sibling, Shelby, the students were inspired to knock out the potential "toxins," such as peer pressure, conflict, and the pressure to succeed, and learn to be more accepting and compassionate to others.  The program concluded with the children meeting each pup!

Dan the Dog! Dan the D!og

School Anti-Bullying Specialist: Interim Principal, Evelyn Sherman
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