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Welcome to School #17!

School 17, located in the Botany Section of Clifton, opened its doors to the community of Clifton in September of 2004. It currently serves approximately 600 students in grades Pre-kindergarten through grade 5. We are the home of the Jaguars, where the students are “Leaping into the Future.”


On Friday, May 13, 2016, construction crews will start paving on Lexington Avenue at Monroe Street and pave toward Ackerman Avenue in Clifton.  This date may change if road construction crew falls behind schedule due to weather delays.  You can expect localized detours of several blocks during this operation.  Please plan to leave early in order to ensure your child arrives to school on time.
 Please be aware that parents will not be allowed to drive on to the school access road while this work is taking place.  Our access road was designed as a one way street and we cannot accommodate both incoming and outgoing traffic at the same time.  All families are encouraged to walk or use street parking and enter from the Central Avenue sidewalk entrance while road construction is being done directly in front of School 17.  Only staff vehicles and student buses will be permitted to use the Central Avenue as an entrance during this time.
 Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we navigate the improvements being made in our community.  Safety is always our number one concern, so please be very careful around the work site.

Our school is committed to creating a positive learning environment where students are academically and socially successful.  As part of our strategic plan, we are implementing a Positive Behavior Plan in order to create a positive school climate.  At School #17, we refer to this approach as being a “Top Cat”, using the 6 Pillars of Good Character.  Our Positive   Behavior Plan is designed to increase positive student outcomes and decrease conduct infractions.  Through a collaCharacter Countsborative team process, we have determined that being a “Top Cat” and using the 6 Pillars of Good Character is a priority at School #17 and every staff member is involved in recognizing our students for the positive contributions they make in our school community.  If your child receives a “Top Cat Ticket”, please ask them what they did to receive it and praise them.  With this ticket, your child will be entered into a raffle system to win one of many prizes throughout the school year! 
1. Trustworthiness (Integrity, Honesty, Reliability, Loyalty)
 Respect (Golden Rule, Tolerance and Acceptance, Nonviolence, Courtesy)
Responsibility (Duty, Accountability, Pursue Excellence, Self-Control)
Fairness (Fairness and Justice, Openness)
Caring (Concern for Others, Charity)
Citizenship (Do Your Share, Respect Authority and Law)

 School 17 - PARCC Information letter and Schedule

Parents sign your 1st through 8th grader up early for Clifton Schools' Integrated Summer Enrichment Experience (I.S.E.E)!!!!
Visit our ISEE page for more information and to register!

Our recent PARCC Family Exploration Night really came to life as over 100 School 17 third, fourth, and fifth grade families came out to participate!  It was truly amazing to see everyone working with their family to experience the journey mapped out for a web adventure on our Chromebooks.  The web site was strategically designed to enable families to work on targeted areas that are important for college and career readiness on their individual grade levels.  If you could not attend our event, please explore our PARCC Family Exploration web site at PARCC Family Exploration Website!!


School Anti-Bullying Specialist: Steven Anderson, Principal
(973) 458-6017
361 Lexington Avenue