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Welcome to School #3!

School Three is a K-5 elementary school with a population of approximately 275 students. Here one can find varied educational programs to meet the many needs of our children within the twelve general education classes. School Three is committed to providing an outstanding education to all of our students, utilizing the talents and strengths of all three branches of this partnership. Also, it is through the many fine programs, varied curricula, and educational experiences that students are prepared to become independent thinkers, good decision-makers, self-supporting, and productive citizens in today’s society.

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• Tuesday, September 23 - Elementary Schools' Back-to-School Night
Summer Assignments
Summer Reading Assignments
Summer Mathematics Assignments

Little Hands, Big Hearts

Little hands, Big hearts project is where Mrs. Stierlen's kindergarten class made a fleece blanket in class by cutting and tying the fabric ends in knots. The children knew that this blanket was going to a senior citizen living in a nursing home. The children's goal was to make someone else smile. The children would really like to make another blanket, so they can make more people smile.

Little Hands  Little Hands 

Kandinsky Trees

Grade 2 has been busy learning about famous art and artists. We learned about Wassily Kandinsky, the Russian abstract artist. These Kandinsky-Inspired trees were made with watercolor paint and cut black paper. We also learned how to create a multi-media work of art. Their compositions are awesome!

Kandinsky Trees  Kandinsky Trees 

Van Gogh Textured Flowers

Our Grade 3 artists had a blast creating these Van Gogh-Inspired flowers in oil pastel and watercolor paint. We studied the famous Van Gogh painting "Sunflowers" and learned how Van Gogh created visual texture in his work. The students were challenged to created the same visual texture in their own works of art. The results were amazing!

Van Gogh Flowers  Van Gogh Flowers 

Winter Concert

On December 19, 2013 School 3 held their annual Winter Concert. Beautiful music danced through the halls. Thank you to the teachers in the music department for putting together such a heart warming performance. Students sang and played instruments for our guests. It was a wonderful way to ring in the holiday season!

Holiday Concert

Holiday Show Holiday Show

Happy Holidays from the Staff at School 3!

School 3 Staff 

Patriot Joe the Snowman

There was an announcement through the halls of School 3 letting students and staff know that our dear mascot Patriot Joe would make a transformation for the winter months. Students and staff were shocked to see him turn into a snowman. The next time you visit School 3, come say hello to Patriot Joe the Snowman. He is proudly standing next to the office door greeting everyone!

Patriot Joe 

Thank You Soldiers

There are many troops that have been deployed to overseas missions. With that said, over 300 students at School 3 wrote warm and heartfelt thank you letters to our US military service men and women who find themselves away from their homeland, family and loved ones during the holiday season. Thank you all who serve and protect us!

Letters to Soldiers  Letters to Soldiers 

Patriot Joe's Birthday

Students and staff at School 3 celebrated Patriot Joe's 20th birthday on December 3, 2013. School 3 started the day by singing happy birthday to their beloved mascot. Patriot Joe even received birthday balloons and a birthday crown. Happy 20th Birthday Patriot Joe!

Patriot Joe

Friendship Soup

Kindergarten had their annual Friendship Soup. Students in both classes were busy cutting carrots, celery and potatoes. They added corn and chicken broth and let it cook in the classrooms. The delicious smells filled the rooms and made us hungry. Rachel Ray and Guy Fieri would be proud! We all ate together in the cafeteria. It was the perfect kick-off to our Thanksgiving break.

Friendship Soup Friendship Soup

Thanksgiving Feast

Every year, our first graders participate in an annual Thanksgiving Feast. Students and teachers bring special items to make the feast complete.  Children were dressed as Native Americans, Pilgrims or the harvested crops. Students welcomed their guests who consisted of parents and Mr. Tardalo, the Superintendent of School with a small play. Students then sat down at a long table and ate together just like the Pilgrims and Native Americans did long ago.

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Feast Thanksgiving Feast
Ronald McDonald Assembly

On The Inside Out: Character Counts

Students in Kindergarten, first and second grades at School 3 had a special guest come to visit them in November. Our special guest Ronald McDonald talked to us about the 4 Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Respect & Fairness. Ronald McDonald reminded students that it's not what's on the outside that matters but what's on the inside. Thank you for reminding us!

Ronald McDonald Assembly Ronald McDonald Assembly

Accelerated Reading Point Club Winners

Students in grades 2-5 are challenged by the Principal to earn a significant amount of Accelerated Reading points during each marking period. To do this, students independently read books within their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) Level. Students then take assessments on the computer which tests their comprehension of each book read. Students who receive a specified amount of AR points at the end of each marking period join the “AR Point Club,” receive a Reading Certificate and are invited to an AR Point Club Party!  19 students out of 201 were inducted into the AR Point Club for the first marking period. Congratulations to our winners!  

AR Rewards
AR Awards AR Awards
Family Reading

Parents As Reading Partners is a program that School 3 will be participating in during the 2nd marking period. This program asks that parents with their child spend 15 minutes each night reading together. This can mean the child reads to his/her parent and/or the parent reads to his/her child. Children who read with their parents each night, while also keeping track of their reading progress will receive a pizza party at the end of the marking period! This is a  wonderful way to spend quality time with your child, while also encouraging good reading habits. Please use the inside of the brochure to keep track of your reading by initialing next to the dates, and the back of the brochure to list the books read. Teachers will be asking to see the brochure in order to monitor student participation all throughout the marking period. At the end of the marking period, please have your child bring their P.A.R.P. brochure back to his/her classroom teacher.
 Please note, teachers will be handing out the P.A.R.P. brochure to students on the day of our launch (November 18th) but if you need another copy for any reason, please feel free to download it here.

Family School 3 Provides Extensions: Before and After School Care  Click Here for More Information
Box Tops


Please continue to clip and send in Box Tops this new school year! Let's make our school thrive! We thank you for your continued support.

Halloween Parade

School 3 had their annual Halloween Parade. Students and staff dressed up and marched around the block while parents and community members cheered us on. Costumes ranged from being scary, funny to totally adorable. Students in the afternoon enjoyed a little class party. Thank you to the Class Parents for sending in treats.

Halloween Parade Halloween Parade
Field Day

This year, Field Day at School 3 was held in the fall. Students had a blast enjoying all of the physical education field day stations. Students ran, jumped, skipped and hopped around while also showing teamwork and good sportsmanship. Thank you to all of our parent volunteers for running the stations and a special thank you to our physical education teacher Mr. Tomaskovic for organizing such a wonderful Field Day!

Field Day Field Day
Book Fair

School 3 had their annual fall Book Fair the week of October 15th. This is a great Home and School Association (H.S.A.) fundraiser. Pictured here are fourth grade students purchasing books. Students had a blast making decisions as readers as to what genre of books they wanted to buy. Please note, there will be another Book Fair in the spring!

Book Fair Book Fair

Patriot Joe

For those of you who don't know, Patriot Joe is School 3's mascot! This year, Patriot Joe will be dressed for all seasons. Pictured here Patriot Joe is ready for the fall. Notice how cute Patriot Joe looks in his overalls. I also love his little fence. Can't wait to see what he looks like for the winter!

Patriot Joe