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Welcome to School #8!

School Eight is located in the Delawanna section of Clifton and opened its doors in 1908. It currently serves approximately 231 students in grades K-5. We are proud to be known as "School Eight where the learning is great!"

The Clifton Public School District provide our students with summer academic enrichment programs. The I.S.E.E. program offers 1-8 graders, classes in Art, Language Arts, Math, Music, Science and Musical Theater. All at the air-conditioned CHS Annex. Parents please look into this valuable educational opportunity which takes place over the summer.  For more information and to register CLICK HERE!

School Eight had "crazy hair day" on Friday, May 5th. Our students did a wonderful job on their crazy hair! But these two students, Bryant and Shea, were are most unusual hair for that day. Yes, it's  bird's nest hair and balloon hair! Thank you to those who participated....

Grade 4 Family Math Night added up to patterns of fun!!

The Grade Three Family Math Night! Exponentially good!

Dan Yaccarino is an American authorillustrator and television producer known for his animated television serieschildren’s books and award-winning imagery. He grew up in Clifton, NJ. Yaccarino has written and illustrated dozens of books for children, most notably Every Friday, The Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau, Unlovable and the autobiographical, "All the Way To America: The Story of A Big Italian Family and A Little Shovel.  He also developed the character of Oswald and also Backyardigans He has worked with some of the most prestigious names in children’s literature, including Margaret Wise BrownJack PrelutskyKevin Henkes, and Naomi Shihab Nye. Yaccarino’s work in children’s literature has garnered many glowing reviews and a worldwide following. He had been invited to the White House too! We were so pleased to have him at our school and what an amazing presentation! Teachers and students enjoyed his humorous presentation on his dreams, work, and dedication to drawing and writing!
School 8 just launched our very first traveling STEM Lit Kit for classroom use! Our Lit Kits include a book and then a STEM challenge based on events in the book along with all the supplies you need to complete the challenges with your class. The kits also include information about the STEM concepts behind the challenges. 
For example, our very first kit is based on the book 
Dogzilla by Dav Pilkey. It includes the book and then challenges the students to build a dog bone slinger to run the dogs in the story away from the city of Mousopolis. Thank you to Mrs. Polan for all assistance in this wonderful activity! Mrs. Pienciak's class enjoys the STEM lit kits!

"Thing 1" and "Thing 2" were our guests today for National Read Across America Day or Dr. Seuss Day. Our little guests are actually twins in our school, Maya and Maliya. Ms. Mennella's class celebrated by reading with guest readers and our Grade Three classes.  What a seussical day!

“I have traveled to many different countries,” said Ronald McDonald, adding that people say “friend” in different languages. The program was designed to reinforce each day the importance of cooperation, getting along and provided positive interactions with our students in a fun way,” The students enjoyed the program!

Our Grade 5 students interpreted their ideas of Picasso's works. Our mural is currently displayed in the School Six Boardroom.

The fifth grade completed a thematic unit about Spain and Latin American countries. The students in groups of four or five examined and researched the country's flag, symbol, capital, etc. The group chose the country on where they would like to live. The lesson follows the DOE WL standards 7.1 NM as well as ACTFL for the study of culture and cultural diversity.

School 8 Holiday Concert

School Eight wants to thank Clifton Clean Communities, Mr. Al Dubois, for providing and sponsoring the Grand Falloons and their Recycling Program-The Ways of Water. This is a funny yet educational program for all ages to enjoy. Thank you!

The design loop is a guide that helps make STEM design problems a more effective learning tool for students. It is a structure for thinking and doing—the essence of design and problem solving. Designing is not a linear process. When you design and make something, you do not think and act in separate, sequential steps. Rather, you complete activities that logically lead to additional activities-- sometimes they occur in the order outlined below and sometimes they occur more randomly, but in almost all cases all of the activities outlined below occur during the engineering design process. It is a good teaching tool to require students to document their passage through all phases of engineering design.

All of our students enjoyed our pumpkin patch but our fifth graders smiled as they picked their final pumpkin in our annual School Eight Pumpkin Patch Event!

The St. Barnabas Burn Foundation along with presenter, Fireman William Iglell, will explain how to stay safe if there is a fire in the home. There is a demonstration of how to exit a smoke filled room by actually going through a small house which the burn center brings on site. Our Clifton firemen will present the “Stop, Drop and Roll” portion of this program.

The word and symbol (Omega) means final. OmegaMan is speaking a final message that can change your life for the better – “The choices you make today determine your tomorrow and the power of those choices are up to you.”
OmegaMan presents H.E.R.O.: Helping Everyone Respect Others. It is an anti-bullying message for all to hear.
OmegaMan & Friends spend the school year traveling the country, sharing personal message of overcoming adversity and the benefits of being a “Dream-Maker” and not a “Dream-Breaker”. Many kids have personally written OmegaMan & friends to thank them for the coming to their school and detail how it has affected them personally.

Clifton Public School 8 - Water Results
Box Tops


You can help raise money for School Eight just by shopping for your favorite items at your favorite stores. School Eight participates in several give-back programs, including Box Tops!

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