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Welcome to School #8!

School Eight is located in the Delawanna section of Clifton and opened its doors in 1908. It currently serves approximately 231 students in grades K-5. We are proud to be known as "School Eight where the learning is great!"


On Friday night March 21st, the families of School Eight enjoyed the Disney movie Frozen .  Everyone had a wonderful time and can't wait for the next movie night!

Movie Night
Superbowl Sundae

Our PTO sponsored Superbowl Sundae on Friday, January 31st! The children enjoyed their special treat.  Each class made their predictions not only for the winning team but also on the final score for the Superbowl XLVIII. And….. it was Grade Four who predicted the Seattle Seahawks win with a score of 34-24 which was pretty close to the final score of 43-8. We have dedicated fans who know their teams and game!

Superbowl Sundae Superbowl Sundae

School 8 students enjoyed the "Stronger than a Bully" program presented by Dave Mitchell from Mobile Ed. Productions. The program made its point through puppets, music and song.

Bullying Assembly
Bullying Assembly Bullying Assembly
Falloons Falloons

The School Eight students and faculty welcomed the Grand Falloons with their earth-science assembly highlighting the theme: Reduce, Reuse,  Recycle!
Professor Winklebottom and Mr. Meatloaf presented a humorous yet extremely informative program on ways we could continue to reduce the use of our fossil fuels, save energy, and help our earth.

Cool Cafe
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School Anti-Bullying Specialist: Nancy Latzoni, Principal
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