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Welcome to School #8!

School Eight is located in the Delawanna section of Clifton and opened its doors in 1908. It currently serves approximately 231 students in grades K-5. We are proud to be known as "School Eight where the learning is great!"


Fourth graders at School Eight were famous historical figures in a wax museum. Their characters and presentations included President Lincoln, Leonardo da Vinci, President Obama, and Marie Curie.

Wax Museum Wax Museum
Summer EnrichmentThis summer enroll your 1st through 8th grade student in the I.S.E.E. (Integrated Summer Enrichment Experience) program! Parents, please take advantage of this valuable educational opportunity for your child. For details and early enrollment CLICK HERE!!

Our PTO sponsored Superbowl Sundae on Friday, January 30th. The children enjoyed their special treat.  Each class made their predictions not only for the winning team but also  the final score for Superbowl XLIX.  Only two grades picked the New England
Patriots to win.….. Grade One, Mrs. Ingallina and Grade Three, Mrs. Pienciak.
 Grade Three had the closest prediction with a score of 40-30. We have dedicated fans who know their teams and game!

Superbowl Sundaes Superbowl Sundaes

School Eight was pleased to host the CHS Madrigal Singers and Dancers on Wednesday, December 17th.  The students were delighted not only to listen to their incredible voices but also to watch the talented dance teams. 
We sang along to the songs, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman! Oh what fun we had....
School Eight held their Holiday Concert on Friday, December 19th. Our students were thrilled to watch and listen to their fellow students sing and play. Thank you to our Strings teacher, Mr. Krysman, Band teacher, Mr. Romaine, and Chorus teacher, Mr. Shoemaker and of course, thank you Parents and Students for a wonderful morning. Have a wonderful HOLIDAY!

CHS Performers
CHS Performers Holiday Concert
Winter Concert Winter Concert

Our students saw a fresh perspective on why engaging in bullying and cyberbullying, or simply standing by when someone else is being bullied, is so detrimental. The program reinforces the key character attributes that make for a successful team - i.e.,respect, integrity, generosity, honesty, and truth. 
The anti-bullying message  integrates a dynamic live presentation with an exciting laser show, Laser Team is well-suited for today's visually-oriented learners ensuring that the program has a lasting impact.

Anti-Bullying Assembly Anti-Bullying Assembly

PARCC PrepSchool Eight students are preparing for our new state test, PARCC, in March 2015. Since the test will be  computer-based, our School Eight students are using our district supplied Chromebooks  to prepare for this type new technology. Our students really enjoy them.....Thank you!


School Anti-Bullying Specialist: Nancy Latzoni, Principal
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