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Welcome to School #8!

School Eight is located in the Delawanna section of Clifton and opened its doors in 1908. It currently serves approximately 231 students in grades K-5. We are proud to be known as "School Eight where the learning is great!"


School 8 - October Newsletter and Calendar

The St. Barnabas Burn Foundation along with presenter, Fireman William Iglell, will explain how to stay safe if there is a fire in the home. There is a demonstration of how to exit a smoke filled room by actually going through a small house which the burn center brings on site. Our Clifton firemen will present the “Stop, Drop and Roll” portion of this program.

The word and symbol (Omega) means final. OmegaMan is speaking a final message that can change your life for the better – “The choices you make today determine your tomorrow and the power of those choices are up to you.”
OmegaMan presents H.E.R.O.: Helping Everyone Respect Others. It is an anti-bullying message for all to hear.
OmegaMan & Friends spend the school year traveling the country, sharing personal message of overcoming adversity and the benefits of being a “Dream-Maker” and not a “Dream-Breaker”. Many kids have personally written OmegaMan & friends to thank them for the coming to their school and detail how it has affected them personally.

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Box Tops


You can help raise money for School Eight just by shopping for your favorite items at your favorite stores. School Eight participates in several give-back programs, including Box Tops!

School Anti-Bullying Specialist: Nancy Latzoni, Principal
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