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Welcome to the Clifton Early Learner Academy!

The Clifton Early Learner Academy encompasses all the classes that make up our Public Preschool Program. We have classrooms located at school #17, 12 Annex, Father Michael Judge Center (at school 15), and 8 Annex. We opened our doors in 2015 and are part of the Department of Education Preschool Expansion Grant.

Clifton Early Learner Academy News and AnnouncementS
CELA Mission Statement
We believe in creating a safe environment where children are motivated and nurtured, inspired, and empowered to be lifelong learners.   Together, our goal is to create an inclusive community where everyone is accepted and respected.
Early Learning Academy - Monthly  Menus
Kindness Certified
Clifton Early Learner Academy is proud to announce that they have been recognized as being Kindness Certified!
Ms. Emily and Ms. Dinorah class  had a wonderful time hatching chickens in  their classrooms!  It was a fun and interactive process which was integrated throughout all areas of our curriculum.  The students were able to use their scientific inquiry skills while observing the life cycle.  Math was integrated throughout the unit by keeping track of the 21-day cycle, comparing egg quantities, and adding groups of chickens together. They  enhanced language arts skills by writing in "chick journals" and reading various stories that are chicken and egg related.  They  even used social/emotional skills by sharing the chicks with other classrooms and thinking of solutions when they encountered problems during t​he ​ hatching process. Taking care of eggs and chickens is a very nurturing task which taught the children the importance of caring for living things and following directions.  
Ideas to help support your child when they feel frustrated.
Create a family circle time and share videos with your child on things they do well.
During the month of April, we learned about how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and celebrated Earth Day.  We made pretend laptops, games and different forms of transportation including a boat and submarine with old materials.  We also made our new crayons by melting broken crayons we had in our classroom.  We continue to practice "being kind to our planet Earth" at school as well as at home.
Recycling Lesson  Recycling Lesson 
Recycling Lesson Recycling Lesson
In Ms. Gina's class at Twelve Annex, students and their moms enjoyed a "Muffins with Mom" breakfast. Happy Mother's Day to ALL our fantastic Moms!
  Moms and Muffins Moms and Muffins
Moms and Muffins Moms and Muffins
Over the past few weeks, Room 7 has had a dino-mite time studying dinosaurs! We learned about different types of dinosaurs, discovered if they were herbivores or carnivores, discussed if they walked on two feet or four and even tried to move like them. As part of our exploration, we worked with frozen dinosaur "eggs" and helped to hatch them with different tools. We also made our own fossils and learned how fossils harden into rock and are found underground. Room 7 pretended to be paleontologists and dug for dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs in our sand table. At the end of our study, we set up our own museum exhibit to show our other CELA friends and help them learn all about dinosaurs!
  Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs!
 Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs!
In an attempt to help Spring arrive, we are wearing our best spring bonnets!
Spring Bonnets
We have been working on the theme of buildings and construction. The children are able to solve problems and persist when making their towers. If it falls, their first comment is "let's make it again".
Building at CELA  Building at CELA
Building at CELA Building at CELA
Building at CELA
Bug Investigation
During the investigation on bugs ​ in Ms. Nicole's class​ , the students were able to explore the visual arts through this open-ended “ Invitation to Play”. The children used their fine motor skills and imagination to create their very own bug. They all did a fantastic job sharing the materials and sharing ideas.
Spring has Sprung
Spring has sprung at CELA. In Ms. Dinorah's students used their imaginations to create beautiful spring hats.
Water project
Walking water?!  The children in room 1 learned all about mixing colors. The first day they observed how the water traveled up and across the paper towel out of one glass into another. The second day, they realized that the two colors mixed and created a new color! Each day we added a color and a paper towel into an empty cup. They were very excited to see which color would be created next.
Mr. Steve's Hard Work
We Are Safe at CELA. One of the ways we remain safe is by having an awesome custodian who is willing to work hard to clear our sidewalks from deep snow. Thank you, Mr. Steve for your excellent work!
In Ms. Michelle and Ms. Alysea's classroom students are practicing letter recognition, patterning, and make connections to the story of The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss as they create their own hats. (TS GOLD 16a, 23, 12b)
Cat in the Hat
One expectation taught in CELA is We Are Kind. To reinforce this concept we celebrated kindness by having students experience kind acts and discuss how kindness feels. Ms. Gina's class beautifully reflects the type of activities the students enjoyed. 
We are riding the 'Celebration Train' here at CELA!  Thank you to Ms. Tracy and Ms. Joanne for our alphabet train!
The students  at FMJ are working on a c​lothing study. The activity the children are engaged in is a hands ​-​ on activity that teaches the children to measure, compare, and make observations. The students took off their shoes and lined them up. E​ach child made a prediction as to how many bears long each shoe would be ​and then actually​  lined up the counting bears to measure how long their shoes were. We introduced the term length to the students. We then created a chart to share our data. They absolutely loved it.
Shoe Measurement Shoe Measurement
Shoe Measurement  Shoe Measurement
Riding a roller coaster in preschool has its ups and downs!
Over at the School 12 preschool, hibernation is a hot topic! During small groups 1 and 2, students practiced taking turns, counting, learning positional words like "forward" and "backward",  and students learned about hibernation animals while playing "Hurry to Hibernation" board game.  Meanwhile, the other small group learned about hibernating animals while building a home to stay warm through the winter! We practiced our fine motor skills, sharing the materials with our friends and using scientific vocabulary to talk with Ms. Claudia about why these animals hibernate and need a warm home!
 Hibernation Hibernation
Teachers and paraprofessionals gathered together to begin the process of creating a Thematic Resource Library to support lesson planning and to share ideas.  
Theme Theme
Theme Theme  
Ms. Anna's class brought in pails of snow and created an indoor snowman. Just like Frosty he couldn't stay inside so he was placed in front of our school to greet visitors.
Our new school sign went up! Here at Clifton Early Learner Academy, our school expectations are: We are safe, We are kind, and We are learners.
8 Annex Sign
In Ms. Manal’s class students work together to create an environment for animals during the winter season.
Winter AnimalsWinter Animals
Room 5, Ms. Saira's class, Wishes everyone a Happy Holiday!
Happy Holidays!
Even students who are four years of age are able to think of the many things they are thankful for during this holiday season...Anecdotes about Thanksgiving
On October 20th, Clifton Early Learner Academy enjoyed our first Multicultural Day. We started off with a parade where children were able to wear their heritage clothing. Parents participated by creating 27 different country tables filled with items from each country. It was a great learning experience for everyone!
Police Officer Matthew assists Ms. Isabella while she goes shopping with her baby
A rainy first day of school couldn't cloud the warm, sweet smiles on our first day of school!
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