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Welcome to School # 9!

The current School Nine location in the Allwood section of Clifton at 25 Brighton Road opened its doors in 1922. There are approximately 335 students ranging from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. The Extensions Program has been added this year for before-care from 7:05 a.m. to 8:05 a.m followed by the Breakfast Program until 8:35 a.m. The Board of Recreation hosts several evening activities in the building.
The Active Parent Teacher Organization works to keep the lines of communication open in the Community and stay involved with students’ education. There are several family and school events for anyone who chooses to join in the festivities. The students and staff are proud to be Confident, Brave and Determined "Bulldogs"!

January Newsletter
School 9 - January Newsletter
Kids read succeed
At School 9, we believe it is important that each child read every day. During the holiday recess, we want every child to read for at least 15 minutes, or be read aloud to by a parent for 15 minutes, 9 out of 10 vacation days. Please PRINT THIS FORM for more details and to record your child's reading progress during the holiday!
School 9 - December Events
December Event
Students choose their prize balloon at the A R Math award assembly
December Events
First grade students getting help from fourth grade buddies on their chrome books
December Events
Fourth grade students are helping with technology tips for first grade
December Events
A great opportunity to share their knowledge of technology with 'buddies'
December Event
Gingerbread bakers that implemented a great Kindergarten, First and Second grade Math Night
Winter Event
Hot chocolate counting at the School 9 Math Night!
Winter Event
Parents and students have a blast at Math Night for Kindergarten, First and Second grades.
School 9 - November Events
Buddy feast with Kindergarten and third grade
Thanksgiving Feast Thanksgiving Feast
Family Math Night
Math Night Math Night
Math Night
Making Turkeys!
Making Turkeys
Robotics Team Visit!
Robotics Team!

NEW !!! Important 2017-18 School 9 Security Procedures, Please READ HERE!
School Anti-Bullying Specialist: Michele DeVita, Principal
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