• School Eleven is committed to creating a positive learning environment where students thrive as ardent scholars, confident leaders, and compassionate citizens. We promote our students to exhibit R.A.R.E. qualities within and across all settings in our school community. Nurturing students' behaviors to reflect Respect, Attention, Responsibility, and Enthusiasm is our collective mission. On our website, you can find information that explains Positive Behavior Support In School (PBSIS), our RARE celebrations, and upcoming events that are led by our exceptional R.A.R.E. Team.

  • School 11 is RARE
    (Respectful, Attentive, Responsible, and Enthusiastic)

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    Dalia Shalaby



    Jennifer Mooney

     Amanda Rhodes



    Stacey Aymar, Dawn Bartolozzi, 

    Christian Bromley, Elizabeth Colsey, 

    Mariana Lisica, Gabrielle Martinez, 

    Gina Matano, Ala Mikky,

    Arleny Pineda, Sarah Post,  

    Sam Segda, Karolina Slowniewski, 

    Courtney Sprechini, Laura Tunnell,

    Pamela Galant, Donna DeBellis

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