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  • Student Assistance Program

    The Student Assistance Program is a comprehensive and integrated joint school-community program for the prevention, intervention, support, and referral services to students in the areas of high-risk behaviors including the use of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and addictive behaviors.

    Students are protected by a federal law, which grants them confidentiality (excluding thoughts or attempts of suicide, physical/sexual abuse or neglect, or threats of physical/sexual abuse against another person.) Teachers are often concerned about a student and may refer the student to the SAC for assessment. A student may refer a friend they are worried about. Finally, parents may call the Student Assistance Coordinator because they are concerned about their child’s behavior.

    The Student Assistance Program’s goals are designed not to punish students involved with drugs or alcohol, but rather to remove the aura of shame that surrounds such students. The SAC helps students take a look at their lifestyle, identify negative consequences, and guide them toward making better choices.


  • Supervisor of Counseling and Student Services K-8

    Jessica Tremble

    Counseling Office


    WWMS Counselors

    6th Grade
    Alyssa Bono

    7th Grade
    Michelle Walsh

    8th Grade
    Aimee Gianino

    Student Assistance Counselor

    Deanna Farkas

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