School Twelve Logo
  • School 12, located in the botany section of Clifton, opened its doors in 1912. School Twelve embraces all of the different cultures represented by our school student population. We are proud to be known for our motto in which we believe explicitly “Knowledge is Power.” We are a professional learning community! School Twelve firmly believes that it is the inherent right of every child enrolled to receive a sound education rooted in equal opportunity and delivered in an environment that ensures physical, mental, and emotional security. School Twelve recognizes the importance of promoting early literacy as a foundation for academic success. Through its instructional programs and co-  and extracurricular experiences, students will become independent thinkers, good decision-makers, and self-supporting, productive citizens. 


  • School Twelve Main Office

    165 Clifton Avenue
    Clifton, New Jersey 07011

    School Twelve Annex Main Office

    225 Ackerman Avenue
    Clifton, New Jersey 07011

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