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Students at Montclair State (SAMS) Junior Program Overview

  • Our juniors have a great opportunity to take part in our SAMS program - Students at Montclair State University. Qualified juniors have the chance to complement high school study with Montclair State University coursework.  Through this pre-college program, qualified students earn transferable college credits, experience the rigors and expectations of college-level classes, learn alongside Montclair State University students and engage in courses taught by university professors on campus and online. Our SAMS students are required to take 3 classes and have the opportunity to take 4 classes, all at a discounted rate.  These courses will weigh as AP courses on their high school transcript, and would be taken after the students' full day at CHS.

    Qualifying students:

    • Must have junior status
    • Must have a GPA of 90 or above
    • Must complete application(s)
    • Will be responsible for their own transportation to Montclair State University
    • Are required to take a minimum of 3 classes at MSU
    • Will be responsible for the cost of tuition (provided at a reduced rate)Must abide by the Montclair State University's COVID vaccine protocol


    Q: What courses can I take?
    A: General Education courses that do not require a prerequisite.  Click for Suggested Courses
    Q: How will I get billed for my classes?
    A: MSU Bursar's office will bill you for your portion of the tuition.

    Q: How do I obtain an official transcript from Montclair State University?
    A: The student will request a transcript through Montclair State University and request that it is sent to the school you are attending after graduating from CHS. Montclair State University Transcript Service

    Q: Can I still partake in athletics and/or extracurricular activities?
    A: Yes.  Since you will be attending CHS, you will be able to schedule your classes at MSU around your schedule.


    Rachel Fabrykant, School Counselor - rfabrykant@clfitonschools.net  - 973-470-2321
    Meaghan Conti, Vice Principal - mconti@cliftonschools.net  - 973-470-2319

    We utilize the collegeboard conversion scale in order to ensure consistent and fair grading throughout all of our college programs. Click link for the chart.


  • SAMS Program Information

    Rachel Fabrykant, School Counselor - RFabrykant@cliftonschools.net
    Meaghan Conti, Vice Principal - MConti@cliftonschools.net

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