Student Voter Registration Information

  • Vote! It is Your Right!

    The Clifton High School learning community believes in educating all students in their role as a citizen and the importance of taking part in the democratic process by voting.  Each eligible pupil will have an opportunity to register to vote during their junior year as a part of the American History II course.  Each registration form submitted to the Central Wing Vice Principal’s office will be submitted and processed by the Board of Elections according to their 18th birthday.  This will enable all eligible students to vote after their 18th birthday.  At any time, students may pick up a voter registration form at the Central Wing office and return completed.  All eligible applications will be submitted to the County Commissioner of Registration at least 21 days prior to the upcoming election.

    To register to vote in New Jersey you must be:

    • A United States Citizen
    • At least 17 years old, though you may not vote until you have reached the age of 18
    • A resident of the county for 30 days before the election
    • A person NOT currently serving a sentence, probation or parole because of a felony conviction

    Voting Resources