CHS "Avenue of Flags" Fundraiser group picture

Student Ambassadors Overview

  • Student Ambassador Criteria

    Each Academic Team will have 4 student Ambassadors to assist in the daily function of the Mustang Academy. Students who wish to be considered for Ambassador position must meet the following criteria:

    • 8th grade average of at least 80.
    • No disciplinary infractions thus far in the school year.
    • No category 2 infraction with violence or category 3 infractions in 8th grade.
    • No excessive absenteeism or tardiness in 8th grade.
    • Candidates will be required to meet with members of the Universal Team for a brief interview.
    • Each team will be entitled to 4 Ambassadors.
    • Students may not campaign for this position.
    • The exact results of the interview will not be revealed to anyone other than the Universal team and School Administration.
    • Students will be required to attend monthly after school meetings (no exceptions) and required to attend after school and evening events.
    • Students must support and model the behaviors stipulated by the Mustang Academy.
    • The administration reserves the right to prohibit any student from seeking a position as Ambassador. The reasons will be discussed individually with the student.
    • Students who do incur discipline violations, excessive attendance violations or are failing more than 1 subject per marking period will be subject to administrative review and possible removal from the position.

    Student Ambassador Job Description

    Responsible for communicating the plans and goals of the Mustang Academy to your respective team.

    • Promote all Mustang Academy events.
    • Participate in all Mustang Academy activities including fundraisers.
    • Promote and model the Pillars of the Mustang Academy (Responsibility, Respect, Acceptance, and Success).
    • By nature of their position, all Freshman Class Officers will be Ambassadors.

Freshmen Class Officers

  • President- Sandy Cocoyutta
    Vice President- Antonio Bordamonte
    Treasurer- Shivam Mehta
    Corresponding Secretary- Remy Dubac
    Responding Secretary- Reemas Khalifa
    Freshman Class Adviser: Mrs. Stacey Beecham

Freshman Student Ambassadors

  • Boro Durdic
    Alejandro Giraldo
    Dariely Pena
    Daniela Perez Vera
    Eridonia Lantigua
    Jonas Arias
    Hely Bhasvar
    Lucero Leon Reyes
    Heer Vyas
    Dana Aref
    Daizonia Ramos
    Janeen Khalil
    Marta Danylko
    Abigail Motyl
    Alyssa Salazar
    Gavrielle Rivera
    Rama Kayali
    Donna Alshujaieh
    Mia Gaunt
    Fatima Elsadig