Grade Level Goals Overview

  • Freshman Year:  The main goal of this year is to assist in the orientation of students to the high school with the supportive strategies of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBSIS) within the Freshman Academy.  Freshman Advisory meetings are conducted, students will look more closely at Executive Function Skills and begin self-exploration of both college and career through Naviance (Strengths Explorer).

    Sophomore Year:  The main goal of this year is for the counselors to explore with students their strengths, weaknesses, and interests as they relate to possible career choices.  Through Sophomore Advisory Meetings, students complete the Career Interest Inventory as the next level of college and career exploration through Naviance.

    Junior Year:   The main goal of this year is to help students evaluate what they have accomplished academically and what they hope to accomplish during their senior year.  Students explore post-secondary options and begin to build their first list of possible colleges and universities through the College’s I’m Thinking About section in Naviance.  Alternative options to college are also discussed with students.   

    Senior Year:  The main goal of this year is to assist students in planning for life after high school.  For many of our students, the counselor's task is to assist students in the navigation of the college-application process.  Counselors review with seniors SATs, ACT, post-secondary timelines, letters of recommendation, scholarships, financial aid, and alternatives to college.