Meet the Grade 9 Counselors

  • Dena Guadalupe-RayWelcome to Clifton High School!  Most know me as Ms. Ray.  I use she/her pronouns. I am a mom to an Italian Greyhound dog named Ziggy and two cool teenagers: college/class of 2026  & high school/class of 2026.  I love being a School Counselor!  I also love to laugh, sing & dance like no one is watching!

    I am one of three School Counselors here in the Grade 9/Freshman Mustang Academy.  Our offices are in the guidance suite, located on the first floor of the East Wing.  We are all very excited to welcome students to high school!  We recognize that entering high school and other changes can bring out emotions.  Please know that all hands are on deck here, and there is ongoing support to assist students with social, emotional and academic transitions.   
    Whether or not students have met with a counselor before, it’s important to know what counseling looks like at school. School Counselors are educators uniquely trained and certified to help students in the areas of academic achievement, social & emotional development and post-secondary planning. We collaborate with students, parents/guardians, staff and school administrators to help students become their best versions!
    Overall, counseling at school is about THE STUDENT... where their voice will always be heard.  During school time, I want to learn about what’s important to them, what they like to do, and what they want their life to be like now and in the future.  The more a student shares, the more effective I can be in helping them plan achievable short- & long-term goals. 
    Counseling office hours are between 7:20am-2:25pm.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or concerns and would like to schedule a meeting - via email at or tel: 973-779.5147.  I will always respond as quickly as possible. 
    Ms. Ray :-)

    Ms. Carrero-LopezMy name is Ms. Carrero- Lopez. I use she/her pronouns. I have been a School Counselor for the past 22 years, the last 9 years of which have been spent working with our 9th grade students here at CHS.  I have had the pleasure of working in our elementary schools (2, 8, 12, 14 & 15) and 10 years at Woodrow Wilson Middle School. I believe that having worked at all 3 levels of our school system has given me a broad understanding of our student population, and has exposed me to the diversified population Clifton has. I love working with my students and the best part of this experience for me has been watching my former students evolve into successful adults.
    I am a mom to two adult sons, who are the loves of my life!  My favorite thing to do is  
    spend time with them and my family as much as possible. I enjoy spending time on the beach, horseback riding, shopping, traveling & watching the YANKEES and GIANTS!

    Mrs. SchwartzWelcome! I am Ms. Meredith Schwartz!  I use she/her pronouns.  This is my 11th year counseling, guiding and helping Freshman at CHS, and my 16th year in education. I am a mom to four little ones under the age of seven. When I am not chasing them around, I enjoy running, reading, yoga and baking.  I believe that school counseling is a team effort among students, their families and school staff.  Every student is unique. It is my personal mission to support each learner in reaching their full academic, social and emotional potential. 
    Counseling office hours are between 720a-225pm.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or concerns and would like to schedule a meeting - via email at or at 973-779-5164.  I will always respond as quickly as possible. Looking forward to a great school year!


  • Supervisor of Counseling and Student Services 9-12

    Jennifer Bergmann
    (F) 973-470-2325


    9th Grade \ Freshman Counselors

    Dena Ray


    Mirta Lopez

    Meredith Schwartz


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