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    African American History

    This comprehensive Infobase database covers 500 years of African American history.

    American History

    This Infobase database is valuable to students because it provides numerous modes of historical information, such as timelines, primary source documents, and timelines.

    American Indian History

    This Infobase database provides information on more than 600 Native American groups/tribes.

    Ancient and Medieval History

    This Infobase database covers all historical topics spanning from prehistory through the 1500s.

    Military and Government Collection

    This EBSCO database provides current information on all branches of the military and government.

    Modern World History

    This Infobase database covers all history spanning from mid-15th century to present-day.

    Points of View Reference Center

    This EBSCO database works well for any argumentative or research assignment.  It provides pro/con stances on controversial topics with each search result.  This may be especially useful if working on something in the political area.

    World Book Online

    This is an online encyclopedia.  For work for your classes, it is suggested you use the "Advanced" button to conduct any research.

    World Geography and Culture Online

    This Facts on File database provides a "profile" for every country in the world and presents information on each, such as biographies of famous people, current news, and maps and flags.


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