Summer Credit Recovery (Summer Remedial School)

  • Northern Regional Educational Services Commission is offering Clifton Summer Credit Recovery!

    Northern Regional Educational Services Commission is offering high school & middle school remedial credit recovery courses for students who have failed a course or were denied credit for the regular school year. Held at Clifton High School (taught in-person and/or virtual LIVE MEETING depending upon enrollment by Clifton Public School teachers, summer 2022), the program is open to area high school and middle school students, regardless of whether or not they attend the Clifton public school district.

    To register, for dates, policies and general summer school information, please go to the Northern Region Educational Services Website

    2022 Summer School Administration

    Director of Education, NRESC - Nicholas V. Vancheri
    Summer School Principal, NRESC - Mrs.Laura Zagorski
    Summer School Vice Principal - Mrs. Rosmunda Kenning

    Please email questions to
    Mrs. Laura Zagorski
    Mrs. Rosmunda Kenning