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CHS Key Club Delivers 70 Boxes of Free Food to Clifton Residents

The Kiwanis Club of Clifton aided 15 members of Clifton High School’s Key Club with the distribution of 70 boxes of free food to Clifton residents. Each box, filled with perishable and nonperishable goods, weighed between 35 & 40 lbs. In total, volunteers handed out about 2660 lbs. of free food to feed hungry Clifton citizens. The Clifton Club, along with six other Kiwanis organizations in northern New Jersey, purchased the food from Hands of Hope in Pennsylvania, made a combined order of 200 boxes, and shipped the packages to the United Reformed Church on Clifton Avenue. There, Kiwanians & Key Clubbers unloaded the boxes and then reloaded them in the trunks of cars as they rolled through the church’s First Street parking lot.

Key Club Distributing Food Key Club Student holding sign Key Club Students Next to Truck with Food and Hope sign Key club students and kiwanis volunteers holding food to distribute to residents in Clifton ;

The Clifton Kiwanis Club had run a previous drive and gathered new games and toys to distract homebound children from their computer screens during the pandemic. In addition to free food, each family with young children received free toys and games.

The Kiwanis Club of Clifton, a 501 (c) (4) nonprofit, is always looking for new members who want to volunteer their time “to serve the children of the world.” The club meets twice a month, and each meeting takes less than an hour, and — best of all — during the pandemic, the meets take place over ZOOM, so members can build a better Clifton without having to leave the comfort of home. If making Clifton a better place than it already is and you have a spare evening hour during the month, contact Peter Ebling at 973-748-1381.